Is the Pickle in a Blanket the Perfect Snack?

It only takes two ingredients and five minutes, but the viral pickle in a blanket snack hack is taking TikTok (and the world) by storm.

A snack being called a “pickle in a blanket,” “chickle,” or “pickle cannoli” is trending everywhere, from cooking magazines to daytime talk shows and trend-watch blogs. At its simplest, this snack is a pickle wrapped in pan-cooked cheese, but it’s sparked a snacking conversation that far outstrips the simplicity of the treat.

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This pickle in a blanket craze all started simply enough on TikTok (where else?) when user Claire Snyder (@clurmurr) shared her favorite “guilty pleasure snack” on TikTok, stating, “My husband says it’s gross, but I think I can find someone out there who either makes this or will enjoy this.”

In her original post, Snyder coats a nonstick pan with cooking spray and slaps a piece of provolone cheese in the hot pan, allowing it to get bubbly and crispy at the edges before placing a dill pickle spear in the center and then folding the (now golden-brown) cheese around the spear. The video quickly went viral and racked up more than 13 million views and 1.6 million likes.

Soon after, Snyder’s feed was flooded with suggestions from other pickle enthusiasts suggesting she try variations on the theme—like adding salami, dipping it in ranch, and sprinkling on Tajin. Pickle makers Grillo’s Pickles even got in on the trend, offering their own take on the recipe with two slices of provolone, a pickle half, dill, and garlic slices straight from the container.

Frankly, it’s no surprise the pickle in a blanket snack went viral, as pickles seem to be having a moment right now. Yelp recently predicted that pickle-flavored things would be one of the top food trends for 2023, and a recent poll from independent pizzeria delivery app Slice also reported that pickles would be the top new pizza topping for 2023.

That said, the technique of wrapping food in crispy fried cheese is not a new one. In fact, the cheesy shell in Snyder’s recipe is not unlike a frico, an Italian dish traditionally made by pan-frying Montasio cheese in hot oil.  

Our test runs of this snack hack elicited a couple of tips for success. First, be sure to use a nonstick pan, or your cheese may get stubbornly stuck to the pan. Next, make sure your pan is set to medium-high heat. Lower temperatures will result in soggy (not crispy) cheese. It’s also best to use an unprocessed cheese with a medium fat content (such as cheddar, provolone, or jack), as processed cheeses can turn rubbery and stretchy and higher-fat cheeses can end up too greasy.

Finally, feel free to experiment with the recipe. Try it with smoked gouda, half-sour
, and pickled red onion. Make it with Havarti and bread and butter pickles. Make bite-size versions with cornichons. Kick up the flavor with jalapenos, banana peppers, or kimchi. Just don’t knock it before you try it (like Snyder’s husband did) because this cheesy, crunchy, tangy, snack might be the “guilty pleasure” you never knew you needed.

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