Pictures of Cats and Dogs with Their Kids

Here are some fun photos of kids and pets (their BFFF—best furry friends forever).

Ready for the Rodeo

Living on the ranch is a lot more fun when you have a corgi puppy at your heels. This young man and his pup are ready for action.

Fun Fact: Did you know there are two kinds of corgis? Both were developed in Wales to drive cattle, but they are not related. The Cardigan Welsh corgi has a tail and the Pembroke Welsh corgi doesn't.

First Love

A young girl's first love often arrives with a purr and is wearing a tiger-striped fur coat.

Fun Fact: Tiger cats, also called tabby cats, can come in a variety of different patterns. See our What Color is My Kitty slideshow to find out what color fur coat your cat wears.

Growing Fast

Sometimes the pet grows faster than the owner, but that doesn’t stop them from loving each other.

Fun Fact: Did you know that small breeds grow faster than large breeds? A small breed will be mature in just one year, while a big breed might not be full size until it's two years old.

Take Me Anywhere

Patience is a virtue, especially if you’re a kitty that gets carried everywhere by an admiring owner.

Fun Fact: Once a kitten is seven weeks old, it’s able to right itself and land on its feet if it is accidentally dropped.

Love Doesn't Grow Old

Being a teenager doesn’t mean you forget old friends. This little pug remains loyal no matter how tall his owner becomes.

Fun Fact: Did you know that pugs are one of the oldest breeds in the world? It is believed that these Chinese pups have been popular since 400 BC.

Twice The Fun

Two French bulldog puppies can be a handful, but this young man seems to have everything under control.

Fun Fact: French bulldogs were actually developed in England. But, in the 1800s, these comical little dogs were taken to France where they got their name.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

This kitty might look tiny, but she already owns a big piece of a young girl’s heart.

Fun Fact: The best time to get a new kitten is when it is between eight and 12 weeks old. The longer time it can spend with its mother and siblings, the more social it will be when you bring it home.

Keeping a Watchful Eye

Life can be bumpy for kids, but this watchful border collie keeps its young companion out of trouble.

Fun Fact: Border collies were developed in the Borders region that divides Scotland and England. They are thought to be the most intelligent breed of dog.

Luck Comes on Little Cat Feet

Some people think that black cats are bad luck, but this little kitty brings its owner total happiness and joy.

Fun Fact: Not everyone believes that a black cat brings bad luck. In fact, in Japan they are considered good luck and in Scotland the arrival of a stray black cat is a good omen.

Eye Love You

This young girl gives the term “puppy love” new meaning as she and her beloved pet stare into each other’s eyes.

Fun Fact: When dogs communicate with each other they rarely look each other in the eye. In fact, if a dog stares at another dog it could mean a fight is going to break out. But, most dogs know that making eye contact with their owner is a good thing.

Out and About

Spending time together is all that matters for a young man and his dog. These guys do everything as a team.

Fun Fact: Did you know that some dogs are able to run as fast as 45 miles per hour? Sight hounds like the greyhound, saluki, and whippet are some of the speediest breeds.

Life's a Treat

Sharing life’s more delicious moments brings this girl and her pooch a special moment before bedtime.

Fun Fact: A dog’s stomach stretches as it eats and can hold up to 8 percent of the dog’s weight. It’s better to feed your dog one or two good meals a day rather than multiple small meals.

Happiness Is a Best Friend

Dogs might not smile like we do, but you can tell this long-haired dachshund and its owner are sharing a good laugh.

Fun Fact: The simple act of petting a dog can be good for your health. Your body releases the chemical oxytocin which helps reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and stress. Plus, petting a dog just makes you smile.

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