Pet Coloring Pages: Dogs and Cats

sphinx cat coloring page
Color a likeness of your favorite furry friend with these free pet coloring pages! We've designed animal coloring pages for dog and cat lovers alike, so break out the colored pencils, pick your favorite breeds, and enjoy.

Beagle Coloring Page

It's hard to resist a friendly Beagle's earnest expression. An energetic dog who loves playing with just about everyone, this floppy-eared hound is a favorite with many pet owners. Print out a few of these Beagle coloring pages for the whole family.


Boxer Coloring Page

Check out this playful Boxer peeking out from underneath his hat. He's ready to dash around the yard and go on plenty of walks with you!


Bulldog Coloring Page

Contrary to their tough look and common team mascot status, the gentle Bulldog just wants to relax and cuddle.  She's even giving you heart eyes through those fabulous glasses! Download a Bulldog coloring page and, and give those shades a swipe of color to make them stand out.

French Bulldog Coloring Page

Our dog images also include the Bulldog's smaller cousin, the French Bulldog. French Bulldogs love playing with toys and are eager to please, which makes them a great breed for learning new tricks. They can also have a stubborn streak! But no worries, this dapper fellow won't resist you coloring his trendy plaid tie.

Chihuahua Coloring Page

The Chihuahua packs a lot of spunk in a tiny body! These tiny pooches won't hesitate to give you some sass, so you'll need to teach them that they aren't the mini king or queen of the house. Print out a Chihuahua coloring page and give this pup a colorful flower crown that matches her vivacious, queenlike personality.

Dachshund Coloring Page

A fitting getup for a dog who's practically the dictionary definition of animated, this dapper Dachshund sports stylish wide-rimmed glasses and a hat. A tip for dog lovers: You'll want to keep your Dachshund busy so his hipster smarts don't turn to apathetic boredom.

German Shepherd Coloring Page

A German Shepherd takes the adage "work hard, play hard" seriously: These big dogs are super strong, intelligent, and energetic. Showing off  a gentle flower crown of roses, this German Shepard proves he's lovingly loyal at heart.

Labrador Retriever Coloring Page

It's no surprise that the happy-go-lucky, tail-wagging Labrador is the most popular breed in the United States. Our Labrador coloring page perfectly captures this fave family dog's cheerful personality. Download these cute puppy coloring page and give your Lab a colorful bandana that suits his style!

Maltese Coloring Page

Fun fact: The Maltese is an ancient breed; these little lapdogs have been around for about 3,000 years! If you need any more proof of their beloved status, the Greeks built tombs to honor them. You, too, can pay homage to this fluffy ball of fur in this printable pet pic.

Poodle Coloring Page

Often associated with poufy haircuts and dog shows, Poodles area also athletic and learn commands with ease. They enjoy walking, running, and even going for a dip! Our dog coloring pages have him all donned up for the show. Give him a stylish flower crown before he walks in front of the judges.

Pug Coloring Page

A Pug's expressive, wrinkly face often brings a smile to those who see him. Watch out; Pugs are quick to seize food scraps at dinner time! This little guy proudly displays his status as captain of the table.

Schnauzer Coloring Page

Schnauzers are instantly recognizable by their "beard," which gives them a soulful, wise expression. These spirited dogs have plenty of energy to romp around with kids of all ages. In this cute dog coloring page, Mr. Schnauzer wears a knitted scarf to stay warm while he helps his family build a snowman.

Shih Tzu Coloring Page

A Shih Tzu's long hair sometimes flops in its eyes, but we've tied it up in a flower bow for this dog coloring page. That long coat is no mistake; the Shih Tzu once sat proudly on the laps of royals as a prized pet. Today, these fluffy dogs make affectionate, adorable companions for just about anyone.

Yorkshire Terrier Coloring Page

Rounding out our dog images is the lively Yorkshire Terrier. Originally owned by textile workers, people joked that their silky coats came from the looms. Although that may not be true, we've woven this Yorkie a fabric bow for you to color.

Abyssinian Coloring Page

Don't worry, cat lovers, we've got you covered too. Our cat coloring pages span a variety of popular breeds. The Abyssinian is a regal-looking kitty and always busy; don't be surprised if you find her exploring the tops of your tall cabinets! She took a break from exploring to pose for us, so this cat's characteristic long ears are featured in the download.

British Shorthair Coloring Page

Laid-back and distinguished, this sturdy British Shorthair has donned a tiny hat and string of pearls. A tip for cat lovers: Although usually as well-mannered as his dignified attire suggests, this cat doesn't enjoy being picked up.

Exotic Shorthair Coloring Page

A relatively new cat breed, the Exotic Shorthair is a loving cuddler. With wide eyes and a flat face, his endearing expression isn't easily overlooked (especially with those big eyes peeking out from behind an old-fashioned monocle).

Maine Coon Coloring Page

With a silky striped coat and a ruff of fur worthy of a lion, it's easy to see why we've chosen to star the Maine Coon among our cute cat coloring pages. An East Coast native, as its name suggests, these cats developed their thick fur and tufted paws to help them leap through snow.

Oriental Shorthair Coloring Page

The Oriental Shorthair is an attention-loving cat that wants to share every moment with you. She may sulk if ignored, but can you really miss those long, fox-like ears? In our kitten coloring pages, we've accentuated tjose unique ears with a delicate flower crown.

Persian Coloring Page

Our cat coloring pages wouldn't be complete without the magnificent Persian. This cat is prized for its luxurious long coat, which requires lots of grooming. Ours dons a bow after a pampering session.

Ragdoll Coloring Page

The fluffy Ragdoll is known for being affectionate. They love their humans and are happy to flop into your lap. Even if you don't have one of your own, you can still curl up and enjoy coloring this cute Ragdoll cat.

Russian Blue Coloring Page

The Russian Blue's silvery-gray coat is unmistakable. Another unique feature of this playful breed is its upturned mouth, which gives it the appearance of smiling at you, Chesire-style. In the coloring page, our grinning feline also sports a pair of suave shades.

Siamese Coloring Page

The intelligent and beautiful Siamese cat is a favorite with many pet lovers. This sophisticated fellow's outfit hints at his personality; Siamese are extremely social, attention-loving, and "chatty" creatures.

Sphynx Coloring Page

The hairless Sphynx immediately stands out in a crowd, but they're not truly hairless. Rather, a Sphynx's coat has a light covering of down, which gives it the feeling of soft suede. Her lack of a thicker coat does mean she gets cold, so we've given her a scarf to stay warm.

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