Make your own personalized dog collar—with matching leash and personalized tag! We'll show you how to make this easy DIY dog collar with minimal sewing skills. 

By Margaret Curry
October 24, 2018

Dog collars are a fun way to showcase your pet's personality, but pet stores don't always have exactly what you're looking for. Make your own DIY dog collar with a personalized name tag, then use the leftover materials to dress up a DIY dog leash to match. We'll show you how to make a dog collar set that looks great on your dog. Plus, it's super sturdy, so it's a good fit for even the largest of dogs. 

  • Working time 2 hrs
  • Start to finish 2 hrs
  • Difficulty Kind of Easy

What you need


How to do it

Step 1

Cut leather

Cut a 24-inch section of a piece of faux leather ribbon to create a dog collar for a large dog; cut the ribbon shorter to make a collar for a smaller dog. Cut the ribbon in half lengthwise to create two strips with a 1-inch width, then cut twill tape to the same size, and use a small strip of fabric tape to piece the twill tape and leather ribbon together.

Step 2

Sew leather

To turn the leather strips into a working collar for your dog, purchase a 1-inch adjustable webbing slider, 1-inch releasable buckle and 1-inch D ring—these can usually be purchased as a set at craft or pet stores. Start sewing the collar by using a sewing machine to sew a top stitch around the top edge of the collar. Loop the leather through one half of the release buckle, leaving about a 2-inch overlap. Use a zipper foot with your sewing machine to closely sew the material to the buckle. Slip the D ring onto the leather and sew the remaining edge of overlap using a regular sewing foot. 

Step 3

Attach collar

To finish the DIY dog collar, loop the adjustable slider through the other half of the releasable buckle on the opposite end of the faux leather strip. Loop the material back through the adjustable slider and sew down the edges to secure all the collar pieces to the leather. 

Step 4

Hammer and punch

Use painters tape to create a horizontal straight line across the middle of the tag. Use this line to lay out text with a set of letter stamps for metal. When the letters are lined up how you want them, remove all but the first letter, holding the first one in place to ensure accurate spacing. Use a hammer to individually punch each letter into the metal, spelling out your pet’s name. 

Step 5

Color in lettering

When you're done stamping letters, use a marker to color in the lettering. Go over each letter with a black permanent marker, making sure each groove is completely covered. If needed, you can use rubbing alcohol to rub away excess ink on the flat surface.

Step 6

Form leash handle

Complete your DIY dog collar set by creating a matching rope leash. Start with 2.5 yards of ½-inch cotton rope. Measure 8 inches from one end and fold over the 8 inches to create a loop. This will form the leash handle. Thread a large needle with waxed thread and knot at one end. Sew down the edge of the loop by stitching through both layers of rope, then wrapping the thread around the two pieces twice. Continue stitching and wrapping until the leash handle is secure. If you're using this leash with a large or strong dog, we recommend pulling the loop and rope apart to make sure the handle is secure enough. 

Step 7

Complete the leash

Repeat the above technique on the opposite end of the rope by folding over 4” through a snap bolt (the metal hook that attaches to the collar). Repeat the stitching and wrapping technique to secure this end of the rope leash to the snap bolt. Then, cut two 3 x 4-inch pieces of the leftover faux leather from the collar. Wrap the leather strips around the stitched parts of the leash to hide the stitching and wrapping, then secure the strips with glue. Clamp binder clips around the faux leather and let dry according to the package directions of the glue. 


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