A Guide to Canine Comfort

Give your dog a place of his own with these easy ideas.

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    Create a Doggie Nook

    Your dog deserves a tidy territory. Carve out a corner that gives your pooch something worth woofing about.

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    Make Canine Condo

    Give Sid a special space with his very own doggie condo. This special den can be built into a lower kitchen cabinet. Use a recycled floor grate as a door that can be closed and latched to keep Sid out -- or in.

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    Mobile Must-Have

    Transport toys or other necessities in a durable galvanized bucket that weathers rain or drool.

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    Hang It Up

    Open shelving and a coat rack give you easy access to Fido's accessories.

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    Basket with Supplies

    Fetch grooming supplies easily with this organized handled tote.

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    Doggie Bowls in Grass

    Dinnertime is like a romp in the park for Sweet Pea. Wheat grass can be grown in trays from kits and is a nutritious snack for dogs and cats.

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    Stow the Toys

    A repurposed toy box stores chew toys at doggie level. Use a tray to protect the floor from wandering kibble or water. It also makes it easy to transport dishes for cleaning.

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    Keep It Fresh

    This airtight food bin holds chow at a convenient height for dispensing it at dinnertime.

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    Keep Him Clean

    Mudrooms aren't just for humans anymore. A deep farmhouse sink is just right for Wilson the Corgi or your smallish pooch. A restaurant-style sprayer works well, but a pullout faucet will do.

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