The labrador retriever tops the list for the 30th year in a row.

Every year, the American Kennel Club (AKC) releases a list of the most popular dog breeds in the country. The organization compiles the roundup by analyzing the previous years' registration statistics, which means these numbers are from 2020. (To register your pup through the AKC, they must be purebred, so there are no mixed breeds on this list.) For the 30th year in a row, the labrador retriever took home the No. 1 spot. The AKC notes that the breed first popped up in the most popular breeds in the '70s and has been sought-after ever since. (Before that, the Cocker Spaniel ranked No.1 for 23 non-consecutive years.)

This year's list is slightly different than the one released in 2019. For example, the French bulldog moved from the fourth spot to the second and the dachshund entered the top 10, knocking out the Pembroke Welsh corgi. The bloodhound has also entered the top 50 in 2020 after missing the cut for 2019.

yellow labrador retriever
Credit: Purple Collar Pet Photography/Getty Images

The Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2020

Whether you want to adopt a new pet, or maybe you're curious as to how popular your four-legged friend is, check out this list of the most beloved pups from 2020. There are all different kinds of top-rated pooches to fit different everyone's preferences. Below, we've featured the top 50; to see the rest, head on over to the AKC website.

  1. Labrador retriever
  2. French bulldog
  3. German shepherd dog
  4. Golden retriever
  5. Bulldog
  6. Poodle
  7. Beagle
  8. Rottweiler
  9. German shorthaired pointer
  10. Dachshund
  11. Pembroke Welsh corgi
  12. Australian shepherd
  13. Yorkshire terrier
  14. Boxer
  15. Great Dane
  16. Siberian husky
  17. Cavalier King Charles spaniel
  18. Doberman pinscher
  19. Miniature schnauzer
  20. Shih tzu
  21. Boston terrier
  22. Bernese Mountain dog
  23. Pomeranian
  24. Havanese
  25. Cane corso
  26. English springer spaniel
  27. Shetland sheepdog
  28. Brittany
  29. Pug
  30. Cocker spaniel
  31. Miniature American shepherd
  32. Border collie
  33. Mastiff
  34. Chihuahua
  35. Vizsla
  36. Basset hound
  37. Belgian Malinois
  38. Maltese
  39. Weimaraner
  40. Collie
  41. Newfoundland
  42. Rhodesian ridgeback
  43. Shiba Inu
  44. West Highland white terrier
  45. Bichons frise
  46. Bloodhound
  47. English cocker spaniel
  48. Akita
  49. Portuguese water dog
  50. Chesapeake Bay retriever


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