Keep your dog safe and out of harm's way by using these tips to protect your pet.


Stay in Control Teach your dog to behave and make it a functional, mannered member of the family. Every dog needs to learn basic commands such as "sit," "stay," and "come" to stay out of trouble. An uncontrolled dog might run into traffic, wander away, get injured, or hurt another dog or human. Get training tips for your dog.

Identify Your Dog No matter how carefully you watch your dog, he or she might get lost. That's why a flat, buckled collar and ID tags are everyday essentials. Don't let your dog leave home without them. If you're feeling rushed and think your pup can go a day without them, think again. Your dog might sense your distraction and choose that moment to break loose and run off. Editor's Tip: Make sure you have a good photo of your dog to use for identification purposes in the event he or she gets lost. Learn more about dog tags.

Avoid Dangerous Plants Unless you are an experienced gardener or horticulturist, stay on the safe side and keep your dog away from all plants. Dogs commonly react to poisonous plants with severe stomach pain, but the outcome could even be fatal. Ask your vet or the local agricultural extension service for a list of poisonous local plants and risky houseplants. Learn more about plants that could harm your dog.

Lock Away Antifreeze Dogs love the sweet taste of toxic antifreeze. Store antifreeze in a locked cabinet or high above Rover's reach. Clean up garage or driveway leaks immediately. Dispose of spilled antifreeze or empty containers in a securely lidded container. Learn more about household products that could harm your dog.

Eliminate Chocolate Chocolate is a treat for you, but a disaster for dogs. Although a little chocolate won't kill your dog, too much can cause pancreatic problems, gastric distress, hyperactivity, and seizures. Sometimes these reactions are fatal. Stash chocolate and other sweets where your dog can't grab them.

Reconsider Dogs & Errands We all enjoy spending time with our dogs, even when running errands. But you should leave your dog at home, lest you be tempted to leave it in the car while you shop or stop off for an appointment. Never leave your dog in a parked car in warm weather, even with a partially open window. In a matter of minutes, your vehicle might become so hot that your dog suffers heatstroke or brain damage. It could even die.


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