Beat the heat with these top tips.

By Hannah Bruneman
Updated November 04, 2020
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When it starts getting warm outside, whether it's summer or you live in a temperate area, your dog will want to spend plenty of time outdoors. For humans, then it's hot, we have the ability to sweat through glands all over our body. However, canines only have sweat glands on the pads of their feet and on their noses. They can also get relief from the heat by panting, but that isn't effective, so dogs can often become overheated quickly if they spend time outside in the hot temperatures. Just like our pets need us to feed them and bathe them, they also need help staying cool. Here are nine things you can do to keep your pet safe and healthy all summer long.

dog laying on deck
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1. Throw Your Pet a Pool Party

Filling an inexpensive plastic kiddie pool or a dog pool ($58, Wayfair) with ice and water is the perfect cool down for a dog. Your pup will have so much fun chasing toys and relaxing in their new personal playground. Plus, the kids will want to join in on the fun.

2. Stock up on Dog-Safe Ice Cream

You know your dog deserves the best. You also know that the best treat to have on a hot summer's day is ice cream. Don't feed your pup human soft serve. Instead, try a dog-friendly option, like Pooch Creamery Ice Cream ($6, Chewy).

3. Have an Outdoor Dog Washing/Cooling Station

Playing all day in the sun and exploring nature is fun; the scent your dog brings home with them is not. Keep your dog clean and cool them down with a DIY pet washing station, which is really just you (carefully) spraying water from a hose ($24, Target) at them.

4. Set Out a Doggie Cooling Mat

Dogs and cats alike love to stretch out in the warm summer sun, but they can quickly become overheated. Make basking more enjoyable for your pet by getting them a cooling mat (from $25, Chewy). Put it in your refrigerator at night, take it out the next day, and have your pup chill on it.

5. Get Some Frozen Treats in a Favorite Dog Toy

Kong toys (from $7, Petco) come in all kinds of shapes and sizes because all dogs love them. They are tough; red rubber chew toys meant to be filled with yummy, sticky treats, like peanut butter, that will keep your dog occupied for a while. In the summer, try putting in a frozen snack, like the Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Frost Bites ($8, Chewy).

6. Make a Frozen Treat Bowl

If you want to keep your pets occupied and refreshed, a frozen treat bowl is perfect. Freeze kibble or treats in a water and chicken stock mixture and let them go to town. The chicken flavor will keep them interested until they get to the good stuff. Just be sure to keep this one outside, so it's not melting all over your carpet!

7. Create a Shaded Sanctuary

Prevent your four-legged friend from overheating by offering them plentiful shade. Set out a tent, an umbrella, or a dog house ($80, Chewy). They'll be able to spend more time outdoors away from the hot sun.

8. Protect Pet Paws with a Wax Treatment

With summer comes the opportunity for pets to do more outdoor exploring in all sorts of terrain: hot sandy beaches, scalding paved streets, and dusty country roads. One of the best ways to keep your pet's paws in top shape is to avoid walking them on paved surfaces during the heat of the day. But for an extra layer of protection against irritating elements, try paw wax. You can purchase this pet-friendly wax online, like the Warren London Dog Paw Defense Wax ($12, Petco).

Summer is a wonderful time of year for the entire family to spend time outdoors together. With these ideas, your pet can stay safe and cool for every activity under the sun.


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