Get your dog or cat in on the countdown to Christmas this year.

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Advent calendars have been around for a very long time (more than 150 years, as a matter of fact), but they’ve certainly evolved since the 1800s. As a child, you probably remember counting down to Christmas with a single piece of candy each day until December 25. Now there are wine Advent calendars, beauty Advent calendars, DIY Advent calendars, and more. But while you're enjoying a little gift every day of December, you should be giving your four-legged friend some joy, too, with their very own pet Advent calendar. There are different options on this list, including ones that include treats and others that you'll add in your pet's favorite goodies. There are several options for dogs and one for cats so that every furry friend in your house can countdown to Christmas this year. Make sure you buy one soon because Advent calendars often sell out way before the holidays come around.

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Christmas Cookie Advent Calendar

This calendar is so beautiful, it's going to be through to tear open the doors. It contains: 24 cookies; 23 mini bones; and one mini-paw cookie on December 24. (The goodies might inspire you to bake your own batch of Christmas cookies.) It measures 12 x 10 x 3 inches and fits easily on your counter or coffee table.

Buy It: Wüfers Dog Advent Calendar ($44, Amazon)

cat advent calendar
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / FalvaiCreative

Cat House Advent Calendar

The majority of these options are for dogs, but we're not leaving your kitty out of the fun. This calendar comes with its own treats, which are freeze-dried turkey, cod, and chicken. The 24th day features a hand-made felt toy your cat will love.

Buy It: Cat Advent Calendar ($31, Etsy)

dog advent calendar
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Supplement Dog Advent Calendar

After all the holiday sweets, you'll want to give your pup something healthy. You can customize this calendar to include various soft chews in six categories: calming; hip and joint; bladder and kidney; skin and coat; and probiotic. The calendar comes in three options: one for dogs 30 pounds and under; one for dogs 31 to 60 pounds; and one for dogs 61 pounds and over. (There are different dosages for various sizes of pets.)

Buy It: Treat Advent Calendar (from $41, Goodboy)

dog advent calendar bone
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / StagDesign

Personalized Dog Advent Calendar

This lovely calendar is handmade from an oak board. It measures 17 inches long and can hang on the wall or be propped up on a table. The spaces fit smaller treats, like Old Mother Hubbard Dog Biscuits ($18, Petco), and December 24 has room for a bigger option, like the Bones & Chews Bully Stick ($12, Chewy). It also comes with free personalization in two places: on the top for a single letter, and on the bottom for a name.

Buy It: Dog Advent Calendar with Treats ($34, Etsy)

christmas tree advent calendar
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / CreativityCustomized

Christmas Tree Dog Advent Calendar

This handmade calendar resembles your beautifully trimmed Christmas tree. The felt item measures about 25 x 25 inches and the pockets are about 3 x 2 inches. It doesn't come with goodies, but ones that would fit perfectly are the Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Trail Treats ($5, Petco). The Etsy shop Creativity Customized has a perfect rating with more than 2,600 sales. One five-star reviewer writes, "We absolutely love our pet advent calendar! It fits all sizes of treats."

Buy It: Pet Advent Calendar (from $25, Etsy)

dog advent calendar
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / MakingGoodThings

Bone Dog Advent Calendar

This felt calendar comes with a loop at the top, so you can hang it with your family's stockings. Each pocket is just under 2 inches wide to fit most treats, like the Milk-Bone Biscuits ($7, Walmart). It also comes with free personalization to make your pup feel extra special.

Buy It: Dog Advent Calendar ($40, Etsy)

dog advent calendar amazon
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Fabric Dog Advent Calendar

Your good dog deserves this calendar. It measures 16 x 28 inches and is made out of cloth with a wood dowel and a ribbon for hanging. The affordable option has smaller pockets that are perfect for American Journey Peanut Butter Biscuits ($3, Chewy).

Buy It: Dog Advent Calendar ($13, Amazon)


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