12 Cool Dog Bed Ideas

Man's (and woman's) best friend needs a break, too! Here are 12 fashionable options for snoozing pups.

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    Hideaway Bed

    This clever hideaway nook is the perfect spot for Spot. And when he’s not snoozing, the overhead door closes to look like the rest of the cabinetry.

    Tip: To entice your dog to sleep on its new bed, place some of its favorite toys there to indicate it is its domain.

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    Stylish Sleeps

    The perfect bed for a small dog, this white-washed, pillow-plumped sleeper is like a stylish piece of furniture. You can even build it yourself if you're handy.

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    Living Room

    Dogs want to be part of the family, so adding a bed to your living room gives it a place to lie down but still be part of the festivities.

    Tip: This is a great idea for large dogs who might not be allowed on (or fit on) the family furniture.

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    Suitcase Boudoir

    Add cute bun feet and a revamped interior to an old suitcase and it’s an instant bed for small dogs. Match the interior of the suitcase bed to your own bedroom.

    Tip: Be sure to stabilize the top of the suitcase so that it doesn’t flop down on the dog.

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    Colorful and Comfy

    Use a dog bed to add a splash of color in a monochromatic room. Here, a leafy green bed occupies the space beneath a table. It’s out of the traffic flow, but right where this pooch can observe what’s going on in the room.

    Tip: Slide a plush dog bed under furniture to offer your dog a sweet napping spot during the day.

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    Doggie Corner

    Cordon off a corner and make it all about your dog. Wainscoting keeps the wall behind the dog clean. Dog-inspired art (including a sign with the dog’s name) makes this corner comfortable and fun.

    Tip: Add a shelf on the wall above to store biscuits, a leash, brushes, and other dog accessories.

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    Hearth Dog

    The picture of a happy home is a dog snoozing on the hearth. A dog bed placed in front of the fireplace offers your pet a front row seat to warmth, as well as being in the center of family activities.

    Tip: Make sure the bed isn’t too close to the heat source so that bedding isn’t at risk of catching fire.

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    Country Style

    There's no reason your dog's bed can't match your decor. This country-style, rustic white-washed bed features beaded-board sides and ball finials. A comfy striped mattress makes for nifty napping.

    Tip: A removable pillow cover is easy to pop in the washer.

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    Built-Ins for Beagles

    When adding new cabinetry to your home, keep your dog's comfort in mind. Here, a homeowner built a lower-level snoozing nook for the two family dogs.

    Tip: Add a nook that fits your dog's size. The denlike feeling is instinctually attractive to dogs.

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    Double Duty: Bed and Bath

    A galvanized tub gets a new look with some shiny yellow and red paint. Add a plump pillow and you have a comfy dog bed. Remove the pillow and the bed becomes a bathtub.

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    A Basket of Pugs

    A woven wicker dog bed with a cushy pillow is the ideal bed for small dogs. Multiple dogs like to share sleeping space.

    Tip: If your dog gnaws on its bed, use bitter apple spray on the chewed-on area to discourage future munching.


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    The Perfect Bed: Yours!

    Sometimes your dog prefers a bigger bed—like yours! Whether you sleep with your dog or it has its own digs is up to you.

    Tip: If you find you can't get a good night's sleep with your wiggly or bed-hog dog, move your dog's bed into your bedroom and ask it to sleep there.


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