We adore the company for its bargain-priced healthy nibbles and household essentials. Now pets can enjoy its perks, too.

By Allison Maze Vancura
January 22, 2019

01/23/19— It's only natural to want to pamper our four-legged family members. Today, Brandless makes the job of being a good pet parent even easier by introducing a super affordable pets category. The starting lineup includes 21 products for cats and dogs like protein treats, dishwasher-safe toys, supplements, and cleanup supplies. And here's the best part: you can snag most of the goodies for just $3.

If you’re new to Brandless, here’s the gist: the online company sells 400+ household basics at a bargain price point by cutting out the hidden costs associated with buying brand-name goods. Just load up your cart, check out, and the purchase comes straight to your door.

Pet toys, wipes, collars, and waste bags on grass.
Image courtesy of Brandless

A pet collection has been a hot "wish list" item since the company launched in July 2017, and not just for pet enthusiasts within the company. Thousands of community members have written in to request Brandless products for their furry sidekicks. At last, their prayers have been answered. Let's take a glimpse at the new stuff.

Brandless pet mat and toys
Image courtesy of Brandless

For Rest and Play

This neutral-colored cotton pet mat ($9) can blend into any setting, but its smartest feature isn't visible at a glance. The mat's bottom hemp layer is designed to resist mold, and its woven texture ensures it won't scoot across the floor every time Fido wants to take a nap.

New toys, including discs and balls ($3-9), are dishwasher-safe (score!) and are infused with mint oil to keep them smelling fresh.

Pet wipes
Image courtesy of Brandless

For Clean-Ups

Taking your pet to the park: fun. Frantically scrubbing muddy paw prints from your back seat: less fun. Stash a pack of these pet wipes ($3 for 100) in your glove box for quick clean-ups after playtime. They also have a subtle cucumber scent to neutralize odor.

Duck jerky dog treats
Image courtesy of Brandless

For Being a Good Boy (or Girl)

Proper nutrition plays a vital role in keeping your pet healthy and happy. Sometimes, pets need to take supplements to better support their body's needs. Brandless will launch with a few vitamins and supplements for dogs and cats ($9 per canister)—and they're all wheat, soy, grain, and corn-free.

Outside of your pet's normal meals, having tasty treats on hand can be useful for training and bonding. At $3 per bag, we predict pet parents will be stocking up on Brandless's protein-first treats

If we've learned anything about Brandless, it's that they really do take customer feedback to heart. We're excited the pet collection is here, and we can't wait to see what else is in store for the company.


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