10 Genius Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool in the Summer

<p>The summer heat is fun, but it can also be dangerous. Don't forget to care for your pets in the coming months!</p>

Warm weather is a perfect excuse to spend quality time with your pet. But before you do, make sure to know how to keep them cool when the sun is out! We found the best tips you should be following for your pet's safety and enjoyment.

1. Doggie Ice Cream

You know your dog deserves the best. You also know that the best treat to have on a hot summer's day is ice cream. The problem is that puppy ice cream from the local gourmet pet store is way overpriced. This three ingredient ice cream recipe is safe for your dog to enjoy and easy for you to make! Your dog will lick the bowl clean and beg for more.

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2. Dry Doggie Shampoo

Playing all day in the sun and exploring nature is fun – the scent your dog brings home with them is not. Since you don't have the time or patience to scrub your pet in the tub every day, make this doggie dry shampoo. It will help your dog feel fresh and it even has a homemade cookie scent! What could be better?

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3. Walk on the Grass

When the sun comes out, owners love to take their pets on walks. The air is warm, and the breeze is nice, but most forget one thing: the hot pavement. Pet don't have the luxury of shoes that we have. To keep their paws from being burned, choose to walk in the grass or at a park with a large field. A good rule to follow is if it's too hot for your bare feet, it's too hot for their paws.

4. Frozen Kong Dog Treat

Kong toys come in all kinds of shapes and sizes because all dogs love them. They are tough, red chew toys meant to be filled with yummy, sticky treats, like peanut butter, that will keep your dog occupied for a while. These recipes are easy to make and are meant to be frozen to keep your dog refreshed while licking out the center. We can't wait to try out coconut and banana or cheesy potato pie for our dogs!

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5. Doggie Pool

Yours doesn't have to be this fancy, but filling an inexpensive plastic kiddie pool with ice and water is the perfect cool down for a dog. Your pup will have so much fun chasing toys and relaxing in their new personal playground. Plus, the kids will want to join in on the fun!

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6. Freeze Water Bottles

A pet bunny or hampster can get pretty hot in a cage that sits by the window. To keep your furry friend cool and hopping happily, freeze a full water bottle and secure the lid on top before placing the bottle in your pet's cage. Your bunny will thank you as they snuggle up next to it when the sun is beating down.

7. Frozen Treat Bowl

If you want to keep your pets occupied and refreshed, this frozen treat bowl is perfect. Take a mix of big and small toys and freeze them in a water and chicken stock mixture. The chicken flavor will keep them interested until they get to the good stuff. Just be sure to keep this one outside so it's not melting all over your carpet!

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8. Check the Shade

Putting an umbrella in your yard is a great idea to give your pet a cool place to lie down. However, as the sun changes position, the shade will move. Before you leave your pet outside on their own, make sure they will have multiple shaded spots to go at different points in the day.

9. Homemade Flea Powder

With warm weather also comes fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and everything else you don't want brought back into the house. Protect your four-legged friend's furry coat from invaders with this four-ingredient powder. The mixture is all natural, safe for your pet to use, and essential oils give it a fresh scent.

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10. DIY Frozen Pupsicles

These look good enough for us to eat! Well, minus the rawhide popsicle stick. This yummy mixture of fruit will have your dog's tail wagging as soon as they come out of the freezer. Feel free to add your pup's favorite goodies into the mix for an extra-special treat.

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