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Dog harnesses, dog sweaters, and dog leashes are some popular dog supplies. We go through the top products and help you shop!

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10 Genius DIY Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool in the Summer

The summer heat is fun, but it can also be dangerous for pets who can't cool down enough on their own. Check out these clever DIY ways you can keep your pet cool in summer's high temps.
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Brandless Has a New Pet Line—And it Starts at $3

We adore the company for its bargain-priced healthy nibbles and household essentials. Now pets can enjoy its perks, too.
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7 Cute and Colorful Pet Products You Can Buy Now

If you love bright, zesty colors and fashionable pet gear, you'll love the latest products from Joy Cho's line at Petco.
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How to Fit a Dog for a Winter Coat, According to the Experts

Jackets are useful for keeping pets warm, dry, and protected from the cold—when properly fitted. Here’s how to measure a dog for a coat and what to consider when shopping.
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12 Cool Dog Bed Ideas

Man's (and woman's) best friend needs a break, too! Here are 12 fashionable options for snoozing pups.
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The Best Doggone Christmas Gift

Your kids want a puppy. You want to give them one for Christmas. What a great idea! But are the holidays a good time for puppy-giving?
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Your Dog's ID

In addition to a collar and tags, should you also tattoo your dog or have a microchip implanted? Here's a look at the pros and cons of each identification method that can help if your dog is ever lost.
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