Water Dogs: Fun Pet Photos

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Does your pet love the water? These dogs sure do! BHG readers submitted these fun photos of their pets cooling off. Check out these water-loving pooches as they dive into the pool, lake, ocean -- even a birdbath! We also provide you with water safety tips to ensure your pet's swimming session is a success.


That's some heavy lifting! This dog cools off during a game of fetch.

Safety Tip: Most dogs enjoy the water; however, it's best to know your dog's swimming skills before diving right in. And, never push your pooch into the water. Ease into it, and your pet will be swimming out for sticks (or logs, like this strong pup) in no time!

(Photo from Marla K. via Pets We Love)

Ready for a Swim!

This pup is ready for round two in the pool!

Safety Tip: If you're teaching your dog to swim for the first time, always start in shallow water, coaxing it in by calling its name or offering treats or toys.

(Photo from Diane L. via Pets We Love)

Double-Duty Birdbath

This dog makes good use of its owner's birdbath—the perfect place to cool down on a hot day!

Safety Tip: Always make sure your pet has a shady spot to rest. A small child's wading pool is a good idea for your dog to cool off in if you don't have access to a pool or lake.

(Photo from Dana P. via Pets We Love)

Howling Hound

Your dog will howl with joy during its fun day at the beach!

Safety Tip: Before allowing your dog into the ocean, check with a lifeguard on the water conditions. Choppy waters make it much more difficult for your dog to stay afloat.

(Photo from Kimba A. via Pets We Love)

Raft Relaxation

This Irish Setter doesn't mind getting its paws wet. And it has pretty good balance, too!

Safety Tip: Before letting your dog in the pool, make sure it knows where the ladder or stairs are located in case it needs to make a quick exit.

(Photo from Chris G. via Pets We Love)

Old Dog and the Sea

This old-timer enjoys a little exercise on the beach.

Safety Tip: Running on the sand is much more challenging than running on cement or grass; make sure to keep a close watch on your dog and to not overdo its beach playtime.

(Photo from Michelle K. via Pets We Love)

Beach Bum

Bring your dog to your next beach outing for some fun in the sun!

Safety Tip: Some beaches don't allow dogs. Make sure to check your local ordinances before heading out.

(Photo from Tara G. via Pets We Love)

Water Break

Your pooch will make a great companion on your next trip to the river!

Safety Tip: Never leave your pet unattended in the water. Currents and undertow can come on unexpectedly, so always keep your dog in sight.

(Photo from Kimba A. via Pets We Love)

Beachside Chihuahua

This little dog sprawls out on a towel with its owner.

Safety Tip: Always provide your pet with plenty of fresh water while at the beach, and make sure it has a shady spot to get out of the sun and cool down.

(Photo from Linnea F. via Pets We Love)

Summer Shades

This dog is looking fly with its fancy beach shades, sure to attract all the other nearby pups.

Safety Tip: Believe it or not, dogs can get sunburnt! Limit your dog's exposure to the sun and apply sunscreen to any exposed skin on your pet, especially its ears and nose.

(Photo from Diane I. via Pets We Love)

Soaking Up the Sun

Labrador retrievers typically love the water. This Lab soaks up the rays as it floats around the pool on a hot summer day.

Safety Tip: If you have a pool, always make sure the pool cover is safely in place. Look to buy a cover that is OK for pets to walk on—if the pool cover isn't securely fastened or is too flimsy, pets can easily slip under the cover and drown.

(Photo from Amy B. via Pets We Love)

Beach Babe

Small dogs, like this little Yorkie, make perfect beach companions!

Safety Tip: If you plan to stay at the beach all day, make sure your dog has a place to rest out of the sun and off of the sand. Prolonged exposure to sun and hot sand can burn your dog and his paws.

(Photo from Mel P. via Pets We Love)

Content Corgi

This pooch takes a break to watch a beachside sunset—and to take advantage of a great photo op.

Safety Tip: In the summer try to take your dog on a walk in the early morning or evening, when the sun's heat is less intense.

(Photo from Julie D. via Pets We Love)

Cool Off

Make sure to let your dog take plenty of breaks during playtime to grab a drink and cool off.

Safety Tip: Always provide fresh water for your pet when out in the sun. Try to keep your dog from drinking saltwater; oftentimes, the salt will make your pet sick.

(Photo from Darcy C. via Pets We Love)

Buried Alive

This Saint Bernard digs deep and cools off in the damp sand.

Safety Tip: Always rinse your pet after playing in the water or on the beach; saltwater and sand can irritate your dog's skin.

(Photo from Megan M. via Pets We Love)

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