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It's no wonder Disney named one of its most popular dogs Goofy -- dogs are always doing silly things! We asked our Better Homes and Gardens readers to submit photos of their pets to our Better Homes and Gardens Facebook page "Pets We Love." Here are some of our favorite goofy pet photos.

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    Stretch Break

    It's always best to get a good stretch before playtime. This pup is prepping for a good romp.

    (Photo from Will R. via Pets We Love)

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    Say Cheese

    Check out those chompers! This dog puts its nose to the wind as it rides through the countryside.

    (Photo from Kimba A. via Pets We Love)

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    A Herd of Jack Russells

    Visitors, beware! These wire-haired Jack Russell terriers are keeping close watch over their field.

    (Photo from Connie P. via Pets We Love)

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    Time for a Belly Rub

    Hold steady! This playful pooch is practicing its balancing skills.

    (Photo from Marina C. via Pets We Love)

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    Beware of Corgi

    This corgi was caught red-handed -- or should I say red-pawed? The submissive pup needs a bath after its digging escapade.

    (Photo from Bob M. via Pets We Love)

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    Load of Laundry

    This Alaskan husky found a cozy resting place in its owner's laundry basket. Unfortunately, this full-grown pooch weighs a bit more than a load of clean clothes.

    (Photo from Gloria C. via Pets We Love)

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    The Perfect Copilot

    Talk about a copilot that won't make a fuss! This lab is ready for the road ahead.

    (Photo from Christina W. via Pets We Love)

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    Schnauzer Power

    These schnauzers get cozy—and a bit territorial!

    (Photo from Jeanette W. via Pets We Love)

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    Golden Love

    Forever friends -- these two golden retrievers show their love by creating a heart shape made from their noses and paws!

    (Photo from Angie S. via Pets we Love)

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    Stick 'Em Up

    Reach for the sky! This wrinkly pooch is gives up!

    (Photo from Christy B. via Pets We Love)

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    Bubble Trouble

    Catch them if you can! This pup tries to chomp the colorful bubbles floating in the backyard.

    (Photo from Susie H. via Pets We Love)

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    Peanut Gallery

    These dogs keep close guard of their property, putting to use the term "watchdogs."

    (Photo from Karen F. via Pets We Love)

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