Dogs in the Garden

Many gardeners share their backyards with canine companions. Because of that, we thought it would be fun try to imagine what they think about while we toil away.

"Once a bird dog, always a bird dog."

"This year I'll make sure the raccoons don't steal the sweet corn."

"I'm testing to see how tough this groundcover really is."

"I've never met anyone who didn't like the smell of lilacs."

"I know if I stay quiet there will be crumbs under that table in just a few minutes."

"If I keep running back and forth under this arbor someone will surely notice me."

"I know I don't have opposable thumbs, but I'll still hold your tools while you work."

"I haven't a clue what this duck is up to, but I'm keeping my eye on him."

"This fence may look ridiculously low to you, but to me it's an Olympic high jump."

"Sooner or later customers are bound to show up."

"Sit down already; I can't relax with you weeding constantly."

"Aren't we more fun to push around than bags of mulch?"

"Being carried around the garden has always been on my bucket list."

"Be quiet and don't move. That's how you control the best seat in the garden."

"When you garden, bad hair days are bound to happen."

"Someone please stop her. There's no way she's going to be able to fit me and all those plants in the car."

"I know there are rabbits out here someplace."

"I may be just a puppy but I already know that you never stray into the garden beds."

"Won't you join me on the patio for a drink?"

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