Let your pet's strong personality shine with one of these options.


When you are selecting a dog from the animal shelter or a breeder, there are a handful of important things that you need to consider. The first thing you're probably thinking about, especially if you're buying, is which breed is the best for you and your lifestyle. The next order of business (and this might be even more important if you're adopting a non-puppy) is to check out your future pet's personality. And yes, oftentimes, breed and personality go hand in hand. If you choose a tough type of dog, don't worry, they're not going to be mean. They're most likely protective, loyal pups that will stay true to you for the rest of their life. And when you have such a special pet, you need a name that fits its demeanor perfectly, which is why we created a list of tough names for your new pup.

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50 Tough Dog Names

Whether you now have a girl dog or a boy pup, there is an option on this list for them. If you're having trouble deciding on the best one, pick out your favorites to help narrow it down. Then, go through it again, and maybe ask your family or friends to help you out.

1. Ace

2. Apollo

3. Athena

4. Aztec

5. Axel

6. Bandit

7. Benji

8. Blitz

9. Brody

10. Buck

11. Captain

12. Chief

13. Dakota

14. Dax

15. Dexter

16. Diesel

17. Duke

18. Fang

19. Flash

20. Gauge

21. Gunther

22. Harley

23. Hatchet

24. Hercules

25. Hudson

26. Hunter

27. Jax

28. King

29. Lancer

30. Maverick

31. Mud

32. Oakley

33. Phantom

34. Rambo

35. Ranger

36. Rex

37. Riggins

38. Rocky

39. Scout

40. Shadow

41. Storm

42. Sultan

43. Thor

44. Titan

45. Trooper

46. Tux

47. Whiskey

48. Zeke

49. Zelda

50. Zeus

These names are excellent for any breed, whether your pup is a sporting dog, a British or Irish pup, or anything else. As long as they have a tough personality, any of these options will work well.


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