Hint: The winner is not Fido or Buddy.

By Linley Sanders
May 27, 2016
Puppy Party

What's in a name? When it comes to man's best friend, what you name your pup can say a lot about you. Dog-sitting website Rover discovered that 94 percent of dog owners consider their pooches part of the family, and people are increasingly calling themselves "pet parents." As more people consider puppies their family members, trends show more people naming their canines like children. And New York is no exception. 

The New York City Health Department revealed that the top male dog name last year was Max, while the most popular female name was Bella. Bella was followed by Lola and Lucy for second and third, and Max was followed by Rocky and Charlie. Human names are the most popular choice for dog names, followed by pop culture icons (looking at you, Chewbacca), then food and drink names.

Looking for the perfect name for your lovable canine? We have you covered with some of our favorites:



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