Show off your competitive side with these sporty options.

By Natalie McIlwain
Updated November 11, 2020

You love your dog, you love sports, so putting those two together and naming your pet after one of your favorite sports team and player is a great idea. Whether you like tennis, baseball, football, hockey, or another sport, there is an option on this list that covers the most popular sports as well as some lesser watched ones. The majority of these choices are the names of famous athletes, like Andre Agassi, Babe Ruth, and Wayne Gretzky.  There are also a few famous brands here, including Adidas and Nike. The dog name is in bold, but the rest of the athlete's name is included so you know the reference. (And if you'd like to give them the full name, by all means, go ahead.) Everyone will know you're a big sports fan once you give your pup one of these names.

Credit: Marko Pekic/Getty Images

44 Sports Names for Male Dogs

These options are perfect for all dog breeds. Whether it's a sporting pup, a British or Irish breed, a hunting dog, or really anything else, you'll find a name that fits them. Feel free to go through all of them, make a shorter list, and go through that to help you with your final decision.

1. Adidas

2. (Andre) Agassi

3. (Muhammad) Ali

4. Apolo (Anton Ohno)

5. Babe Ruth

6. (David) Beckham

7. (Dick) Butkus

8. Carmelo (Anthony)

9. (Ty) Cobb

10. (Dale) Earnhardt

11. Emmett (Smith)

12. Ernie (Davis)

13. (Nick) Faldo

14. (Wayne) Gretzky

15. (Ken) Griffey (Jr.)

16. Hulk Hogan

17. (Michael) Jordan

18. Kimbo (Slice)

19. Kobe (Bryant)

20. Magic (Johnson)

21. (Peyton) Manning

22. Manny (Pacquiao)

23. Nike

24. Niles Kinnick

25. (Greg) Norman

26. (Arnold) Palmer

27. Pele

28. (Walter) Peyton

29. (Michael) Phelps

30. (Scottie) Pippin

31. Pre (Prefontaine)

32. Reggie (Bush)

33. (Cal) Ripken (Jr.)

34. (Jackie) Robinson

35. (Dennis) Rodman

36. (Cristiano) Ronaldo

37. (Barry) Sanders

38. Shaq (O'Neal)

39. (Tim) Tebow

40. Tiger (Woods)

41. (Mike) Tyson

42. (Dwayne) Wade

43. Wrigley

44. Willie Mays


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