Channel your pup's personality with these male and female hunting dog names. Study up on the different hunting dog breeds, then consider a name that reflects your dog's heritage.

By Barry Stringfellow

When you think of hunting dogs, breeds like Labrador retrievers, pointers, and beagles probably come to mind. Although they are well-known hunting breeds, many other modern breeds have their origins in hunting, including hounds, terriers, and cur dogs.

What's a cur dog, you ask? Literally, it means it's a mutt. More eloquently put, it's a combination of breeds of dogs that like to chase critters up trees and down holes. Originally cur dogs were a blend of hound, terrier, and feist breeds (a mix of terriers) that immigrated from Europe. Cur dogs are not typically considered show quality, but they are known to be energetic, work-driven, intelligent, intent, and good for hunting as well as protecting their owners. (American settlers needed a multipurpose dog.) There are many cur breeds, including the mountain cur, Cajun cur, cracker cur, and black mouth cur.

Perhaps you're a proud owner of a cur or a pedigreed pup with royal roots and it's time to pick a name that fits your pooch's personality. Read on to see some of the names we think best match hunting dogs' dispositions.

Irrespective of the breed, the name should fit the personality. One or two syllable names are best; names with hard consonants work well. Dogs can more easily learn to respond to short sounds making training easier. Long names become confusing and are easier to mispronounce, making training more difficult. If the name sounds too much like another word the dog hears frequently like "sit" or "stay" it may become confused and not respond.

If you want a hunting dog name with a warrior spirit, you can look to inspiration from ancient Rome and Greece. For males, there's Orion, the legendary hunter. Sure, it's got three syllables but your dog would also be named after a constellation.

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Zeus, Caesar, and Brutus make a strong statement for males, as does Xena—a warrior princess—for a female hunting dog name.

Most people won't deem Fluffy a good hunting dog name. Then again, if you like irony, an 80-pound cane corso or other giant breed named Fluffy (think Hagrid's three-headed dog in Harry Potter) is guaranteed to get a grin.

Radar is a good hunting dog name because of how it speaks to the dog's keen sense of detection. Orca is both highly functional (two syllables, a hard consonant) and ideal for a duck hunting dog. Although it brings to mind the term killer whale, orcas are also highly intelligent and incredibly strategic hunters.

Rosie and Roxy are strong girl hunting dog names with some attitude (think of Rosie the Riveter).

Tank, Beast, Bear, and Boomer are good names for bigger breeds. But they can also fit a Jack Russell terrier, long bred for a strong prey drive for vermin.

Buck is a sure-fire hunting dog name. Buck was the central character in one of the most famous works of fiction about a dog: Jack London's Call of the Wild, ($7.95, Amazon). Buck, a Saint Bernard-Scotch shepherd, had the opposite experience of Old Yeller. He was leading a life of leisure in California when he was stolen and sold into service as a sled dog in Alaska, where he constantly had to fight other dogs to survive.

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Angus and Ozzie pay tribute to a hunting heritage while nodding to heavy metal—Angus Young from AC/DC and of course, Ozzie Osbourne.

Finding the best hunting dog name for your spunky and alert companion can be a fun family activity. This list of unique dog names is sure to get the creative juices flowing whether you end up with a name that nods to your pup's hunting heritage or a favorite book or movie character.



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