50 Fun Names for British and Irish Dog Breeds

Purebred dogs were developed all over the world. Here's a guide to dogs that were specially bred in Great Britain and Ireland along with some culturally appropriate names.

The British Isles and Ireland produced numerous dog breeds, most of which are still extremely popular today. Terriers, spaniels, retrievers; many of these dogs were working or sporting dogs that were important assets of life in 19th-century Britain.

  • Terriers: From the largest terrier (Airedale) to the smallest (Yorkshire), all terriers except for schnauzers were bred in the British Isles or Ireland.
  • Sporting dogs: This group of dogs includes many hounds, spaniels, setters, and retrievers that were used to hunt game on land and in the water. The breeds that hail from the British Isles include golden retrievers, English cocker spaniels, springer spaniels, Irish setters, flat-coated retrievers, Gordon setters, and English setters.
  • Working/herding dogs: These dogs helped control livestock, such as sheep and cattle, on farms and in rural areas. These breeds include border collies, bearded collies, rough collies, and corgis.

British/Celtic Names If you are looking for a country-appropriate name that matches your dog's ancestry, consider these:

25 Boy Dog Names for British and Irish Dog Breeds

1. Aidan Meaning: Little fiery one Origin: Ireland

2. Conor Meaning: Strong-willed Origin: Ireland

3. Angus Meaning: Exceptional Origin: Scotland

4. Dermot Meaning: Free man Origin: Ireland

5. Dinsmore Meaning: From the hill fort Origin: Ireland

6. Bran Meaning: Strong Origin: England

7. Brady Meaning: Spirited Origin: Ireland

8. Harry Meaning: Home ruler Origin: Germany (but after the Harry Potter book series is very popular in Britain)

9. Alfie Meaning: Variation of Alfred, which means sage or wise Origin: England

10. Oliver Meaning: From the olive tree, symbolizing fruitfulness and dignity Origin: England

11. Cedric Meaning: Chief Origin: England

12. Gordon Meaning: From the marshes Origin: Scotland

13. Griffin Meaning: Strong in faith Origin: Wales

14. Colin Meaning: Young child, peaceful dove Origin: Ireland

15. Coby Meaning: Variant of Coburn Origin: Scotland

16. Norris Meaning: From the North Origin: Scotland

17. Ian Meaning: Gift from God Origin: Scotland

18. Inis Meaning: From the river island Origin: Ireland

19. Pierce Meaning: Rock Origin: England

20. Riley Meaning: A small stream Origin: Ireland

21. Rogan Meaning: Red-haired Origin: Ireland

22. Kent Meaning: White Origin: Wales

23. Romney Meaning: Winding river Origin: England

24. Seamus Meaning: Form of James Origin: Ireland

25. Shane Meaning: God is gracious Origin: Ireland

Girl Dog Names for British and Irish Breeds

Bree Meaning: Strong Origin: Ireland

Alma Meaning: All good Origin: Ireland

Fiona Meaning: White, fair Origin: Ireland

Bowden Meaning: Messenger Origin: England

Keira Meaning: Black-haired Origin: Ireland

Neala Meaning: Champion Origin: Ireland

Briann Meaning: Strong, ascending Origin: England

Moira Meaning: Bitter         Origin: Ireland

Meryl Meaning: Falcon       Origin: England

Kerry Meaning: Dark princess      Origin: Ireland

Bridget Meaning: Strong Origin: Ireland

Quinn Meaning: Wise          Origin: Ireland

Rhiannon Meaning: Sacred queen Origin: England

Winnie Meaning: Blessed reconciliation     Origin: Wales

Nell Meaning: Variation of Ellen, shining light Origin: England

Iona Meaning: Dove Origin: Scotland

Maeve Meaning: Goddess of song Origin: Ireland

Ethne Meaning: Fire Origin: Ireland

Delia Meaning: Dark Origin: Wales

Diva Meaning: Divine one Origin: Ireland

Gilda Meaning: Golden Origin: England

Glenn Meaning: Narrow valley Origin: Ireland

Deirdre Meaning: Sad one Origin: Ireland

Keely Meaning: Beautiful Origin: Ireland

Mirna Meaning: Tender Origin: Ireland


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