Draw inspiration from your favorite flick on what to call your cat or dog.

By Natalie McIlwain
Updated May 28, 2020

So, you've decided to add a new four-legged friend to your family. Adopting or buying a cat or dog is always an exciting time. You now have a loving pet to nurture for many years to come. But before you get into house-training or teaching them new tricks, you have to name your new addition. There are countless pet names to choose from for both dogs and cats, and it can feel overwhelming at first. There are many places where you can draw inspiration, and if you're a movie buff, or even just enjoy a flick now and then, looking to your favorite films is an excellent place to start.

We selected 60 names based on dogs and cats from classic movies including Lassie, Lady and the Tramp, the Wizard of Oz, and more. We divided them into 40 dog names and 20 cat names, but you can definitely name your feline after a pup or vice versa. After all, it's your pet and you are the best judge on which moniker fits best.

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Dog Names from Movies

Dogs come in a variety of breeds, shapes, and sizes, which means you'll want to choose an extra special dog name for your unique pup. Some of the options below include Beethoven, Buddy, and Marley.

Movie: Balto

Based on a true story, this sled dog makes a dangerous journey to bring back a cure for a deadly epidemic in Alaska.

Movie: Best in Show

Beatrice is a Weimaraner competing in a prestigious dog show in this comedy.

Movie: Beethoven 

A troublesome Saint Bernard brings chaos wherever he goes in this family film.

Movie: Benji 

A stray dog goes on a mission to save two kidnapped children.

Movie: Bingo

 A lively circus dog befriends a young boy and helps him fit in with the other kids.

Movie: Bolt 

This action-star American white shepherd goes on a journey to save a friend he believes to be in danger.

Movie: Air Bud 

A stray golden retriever meets a boy who discovers the dog's amazing talent—playing basketball!

Movie: Call of the Wild

 Half Saint Bernard, half sheepdog, this pet is stolen from his home and taken to the Yukon to work as a sled dog.

Movie: Best in Show 

This poodle competes in a dog show in this hilarious comedy.

Movie: Homeward Bound 

An American bulldog teams up with a golden retriever and Himalayan cat to find their way back home.

Movie: All Dogs Go to Heaven

 This German shepherd mix returns from the dead to find his killer.

Movie: The Fox and the Hound 

An animated film about a hound that befriends a young fox, unbeknownst to the fact that they will be forced to be enemies later in life.

Movie: Cujo 

Based on Steven King's novel, a rabid Saint Bernard terrorizes a small town.

Movie: Harry Potter series

Hagrid's Neapolitan mastiff in the Harry Potter series.

Iron Will 

Gus is the lead sled dog in this movie about a challenging cross-country dogsled race.

Movie: Hachi: A Dog's Tale 

This tearjerking tale follows an Akita as it waits each day for the return of its deceased owner.

Movie: Turner and Hooch 

The dog of a deceased man is adopted by a detective to help with a murder investigation. (Hooch is a Dogue de Bordeaux, a rare French dog breed.)

Movie: Best in Show 

This loveable bloodhound competes for the title Best in Show in this comedy.

Movie: Lady and the Tramp 

A romantic tale between a high-class cocker spaniel and a street-smart mutt.

Movie: Lassie

This film follows the story of a rough collie and her many escapades.

Movie: Marley and Me 

A touching film about a troublesome—but loved—yellow lab and his family.

Movie: Marmaduke 

A bumbling Great Dane causes constant mischief when his family moves to a new neighborhood.

Movie: Best in Show 

Miss Agnes is a high-class shih tzu competing in a dog show in this comedy.

Movie: Old Yeller

 This classic follows a young boy and his beloved yellow Labrador.

Movie: Year of the Dog 

A film about a woman coping with the loss of her pet beagle.

Movie: 101 Dalmatians 

Pongo is the father dalmatian looking for his stolen pups in this animated film.

Movie: 101 Dalmatians 

Purdy is the mother dalmatian looking for her stolen pups in this animated film.

Movie: Garfield 

Odie the dog is Garfield's goofy sidekick.

Movie: The Adventures of Milo and Otis 

A pug embarks on a mission to find his beloved friend, Milo the cat.

Movie: Top Dog 

Reno, a briard, teams up with a cop in this action flick.

Movie: Air Buddies 

A sequel to Air Bud, Rosebud is one of the puppies in this cute film.

Movie: Scooby Doo 

This wacky Great Dane embarks on plenty of journeys with his owner, Shaggy, and the rest of the gang.

Movie: Homeward Bound

 A golden retriever teams up with an American bulldog and a Himalayan cat to find their way back home.

Movie: My Dog Skip 

A Jack Russell terrier befriends a young boy and helps him fit in.

Movie: Charlie Brown movies

Snoopy the beagle is Charlie Brown's dog.

Wizard of Oz

Dorothy's cairn terrier, Toto, joins her on a journey down the yellow brick road.

Movie: Snow Buddies 

Shasta is a Siberian husky puppy in this Air Bud sequel.

Movie: Shiloh 

A beagle is saved by a young boy in this classic.

Movie: Best in Show 

Winky is a Norwich terrier competing for the Best in Show title in this comedy.

Movie: Because of Winn-Dixie 

This mischievous mixed-breed dog helps a young girl make new friends.

Cat Names from Movies

When selecting a cat name, it's a great idea to analyze its personality and its coat color. Here, you'll find fun choices such as Cheshire, Milo, and Sassy.

Movie: The Chronicles of Narnia 

This powerful lion is present in The Chronicles of Narnia series.

Movie: The Aristocats 

This little black kitten is the youngest in the litter.

Movie: Alice in Wonderland

The Cheshire cat is a grinning character in this classic film.

Movie: The Aristocats 

The mother of three kittens, Duchess is an all-white cat.

Movie: Felix the Cat 

This silly cartoon cat first came to fame during the silent film era.

Movie: Garfield 

This famous orange cat stars in the Garfield cartoons.

Movie: The Aristocats 

The all-white kitten in the animated film.

Movie: Pocahontas 

Meeko, a playful raccoon, is the friend of Pocahontas in this Disney classic.

Movie: Milo and Otis 

This young cat embarks on a journey to reunite with his friend, a pug named Otis.

Movie: Austin Powers 

This hairless cat is Dr. Evil's pet in this comedy.

Movie: The Lion King 

Nala is a young lion and Simba's love interest in this animated movie.

Movie: Garfield 

Nermal, a small gray tabby cat, is an annoyance to Garfield.

Movie: Oliver and Company 

A young kitten teams up with a gang of dogs in this animated film.

Movie: Homeward Bound

This Himalayan cat embarks on an adventure with two dogs to find their way back home.

Movie: The Lion King

This little lion inherits the kingdom in this Disney classic.

Movie: Stuart Little 

This Persian torments Stuart Little, a mouse, in this fun film.

Movie: Cats and Dogs 

An evil Persian, Mr. Tinkles, hopes to conquer the world in this furball-filled comedy.

Movie: The Aristocats 

Thomas is an orange alley cat that helps Duchess and her kittens.

Movie: The Aristocats 

The orange kitten in the animated movie.

Movie: Tom and Jerry: The Movie

A cartoon cat embarks on adventures with his friend, a mouse.


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