Let the big screen help you decide on a name for your new pet.

By Natalie McIlwain
Updated June 09, 2020

Now that you've gotten a dog, it's time to give them a name. When there are seemingly countless options to go through, it's a smart idea to narrow it down in some way. Whether you're a movie buff or enjoy a film occasionally, we rounded up 40 names from flicks that are perfect for your pup. There are plenty of dog names for both girl pups and boy pooches, so every furry friend is covered. This list features famous characters such as Atticus (To Kill a Mockingbird), Bond (James Bond), and Rocky (Rocky). It also includes some more unique monikers including Bellatrix (Harry Potter series), Maximus (Gladiator), and Riddick (The Chronicles of Riddick). There are many other fascinating names for your pet, so make sure you go through all of them to see which one you like the best.

40 Movie Character Names for Your Dog

Go through this list and write down all of the ones you like. (And if you have a family, make sure they choose their top picks, too.) Then, call your pet by each one, and see if they respond to any of them. Your pet might get to help you choose their name.

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The Lord of the Rings series


To Kill a Mockingbird


Twilight series

Harry Potter series

James Bond series

To Kill a Mockingbird

Toy Story

Walk the Line

Boogie Nights

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Pirates of the Caribbean



Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Fifth Element

Lilo and Stitch


Top Gun


The Karate Kid

Napoleon Dynamite

Iron Man

The Lord of the Rings series

Walk the Line

The Lion King

The Chronicles of Riddick

Lethal Weapon series



Twilight series

Lilo and Stitch

Lord of the Rings series


The Lion King

Peter Pan

Star Wars series


Whether you recently adopted a young puppy or a senior pet, any of these names will work. Make sure you, your family, and even your pet like the name as you'll be saying it for the rest of their life, especially when you're teaching them new tricks.


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