All you need is a few items (you probably already have) and your pup.
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Humans aren't the only ones who need to take control of their nail care. Pooches need some pampering, too! When Georgia resident Kailyn Hall needed to trim her 4-month-old puppy's nails, she decided to get creative using cling wrap and peanut butter.

Here's the simple trick she tried that actually worked. All she did was wrap cling wrap around her forehead and smear peanut butter across it. She then sat with her husky mix, Judah, and clipped his nails while he licked the peanut butter off. As she clipped, Judah stayed focused on the snack, and let Hall trim away. "I did this to desensitize him to the process of nail clipping, and make it fun, so he wasn't scared in the future," Hall says.

kailyn hall clipping judahs nails
Kailyn Hall got creative with peanut butter and cling wrap to trim Judah's nails.
| Credit: Courtesy of Kailyn Hall

Hall uploaded the video of her and Judah on April 5 to the Facebook group Dogspotting Society, a group for dog lovers that has more than 920,000 members. "So... how do you guys keep your pups occupied while you clip nails because... 😅 Dog safe peanut butter to the rescue," she captioned the video. After the post attracted thousands of likes, shares, and comments, she added some more information to the post. "This blew up unexpectedly, so I feel I need to edit," she wrote. "This is NOT recommended if your dog is nippy or shows any sort of aggressive behaviors during the nail clipping process. I know my pup, and he won't bite me, please be cautious and know your dog before trying."

To try out this method with your pet, here's what you'll need. First, get a roll of cling wrap, which you can buy at Target for $4.29. Then, you'll need peanut butter. Check the nutrition label to make sure it doesn't contain the sweetener xylitol, which is toxic to dogs, according to the American Kennel Club. (A dog safe-brand humans and dogs will enjoy is Justin's Classic Peanut Butter, $4.99, Target.) You'll also need a nail trimmer that you can buy for $8.69 from Chewy. Then, you'll do just what Hall did: Cover your forehead in the wrap, spoon on a dollop of peanut butter, let your dog lick it, and clip their nails.

Similar videos are circulating the internet showing owners and their dogs trying out the trick. Some are successful, like Hall's, and other's aren't, but they're all pretty entertaining. However, as Hall notes, be careful and monitor your pet's demeanor during the process. "I've mostly heard from people that it's an awesome idea, and they love it, but again it's not for everyone," she says. "I was really just looking for fun ways to help make nail trimming fun for him, instead of scary."


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