Can you interpret what the dogs shown below are trying to say? These translations are from Bash Dibra, the author of the book, Dogspeak.


"I'm cool." The ears are lowered and point slightly backward. (On a droopy-eared dog, they simply flop.) The eyes are open and calm; the mouth is closed.

Do you have room for me?

"Yo, what's happening?" The ears prick to attention. The eyes are open and sparkling, the mouth is relaxed and possibly panting, the tail straight out and wagging.

Play with your puppyevery day.

"I don't like this!" The ears spring forward into the alert position, then rotate to the side and close to the head for protection.

Keep your dog's teeth white and clean.

"One step closer and I'll bite!" The eyes are narrowed, the teeth are bared, the ears are flattened for action, and the tail is held high.


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