Treat your feline friend with one (or all) of these cat furniture ideas! All six cat house furnishings make comfortable spots for your pet to entertain himself and relax. From fun cat furniture to comfy places to catch some shut-eye, these picks are the ultimate treat for your pet.

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You've decorated your home with tables, sofas, chairs, beds, and dressers. Now how about some fun cat furniture for your furry relatives? They deserve treasures and comfy hangouts around the house, too. Here are six cool cat furniture products every pet owner should have.

Cat Bed

Cat resting in teal cat bed
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Some cats love to snuggle and "spoon," but many prefer to nap in a small space that's all theirs. A snug and soft cat bed will be your cat's favorite place to take their many naps throughout the day.

When it comes to selecting the perfect cat bed, the softer and smaller, the better. Most cats prefer to cuddle up in a cozy space. Find a cat bed that suits your cat's size and shape, is durable, and most importantly, ultracomfortable. 

Cat Tower

Three cats playing in gray and white cat tower
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Cats just love to climb and tuck away in secret hiding spots. That is what makes a cat tower or castle such a great investment. They come in many shapes, sizes, heights, and formations, and they make playtime and naptime more interesting and rewarding for your curious cat.

Most cat towers are covered in carpet or a soft yet strong material and they provide plenty of well-designed areas to investigate, climb atop, and rest upon. Many have cat scratching posts attached, some have beds, and others feature dangling toys. (The premium versions have all of these cat furniture items in one unit!) Place a tall cat tower by a window for bird-watching during the day and stargazing at night.

Scratching Post for Cats

Kitten climbing on cat scratching post
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Those sharp claws need to scratch something, so let it be a cat post rather than your sofa, or worse, your skin. A large cat scratching post—usually covered in thick rope—is a great outlet for your feline's natural urge to scratch and stretch. It gives them the ability to flex their paws, file down their nails, and release pent-up energy. They can also use the cat post as an outlet for their instinctual need to mark their territory with their claws.

Place a scratching post by your furniture so your cat scratches the post before digging into your furnishings. You can even rub a little catnip on the cat post to attract your cat there rather than an area that's off-limits.

Cat Window Perch

Cat lounging in an orange cat window perch
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Cats love to observe their surroundings, and indoor cats get a real thrill from seeing what is going on outdoors. A cat window perch is the perfect spot for your cat to get the best view of the backyard, patio, or street from a level they can't normally reach or see from.

Most cat perches affix to the window with plastic suction cups for stability and security. Find a cat window perch that is appropriate for your cat's weight and size to ensure safety. Attach to a window as directed, and your cat will jump right on, look around, and likely doze off after a few hours of fun.

Editors' pick: Kitty Cot Original World's Best Cat Perch ($45,

Cat Hammock

Cat resting in cage on top of hammock
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In addition to a window perch, a cat hammock provides another option for cats to rest above ground and observe their surroundings. This gives them a sense of security and provides them comfort (and a sense of safety from potential predators).

Cat hammocks can come with a stand or are already built into cat towers. Some cat hammocks attach to windows, walls, or chairs. An ingenious idea if you have multiple cats: a cat hammock bunk bed! Pay attention to where your cat already likes to hang out for a clue about where to place the hammock.

Editors' pick: Useful Thingy Cat Hammock ($12,

Cat Scratching Furniture

Cat and kitten playing on cat scratching lounger
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These cat furniture options—including a cat sofa and even a full cat house!—give your cat a place to snooze and scratch all in one place. Look for cat houses and cat couches that are built for indoor or outdoor use with insulation and a fully functional roof to protect cats from the rain and snow. Another bonus: Some cat houses can be used to contain (and hide) your cat's litter box.

Editors' pick: PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge ($80, amazon,com)


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