They're the paw-fect addition to your holiday decorations.

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While you're busy checking everyone off your Christmas list, don't forget about your furry friend. Even if your cat prefers to lounge in a cardboard box, they'll instantly be drawn to these cat beds. They're made of ultra-soft materials for comfort, and some even come with a toy attached for playtime. A few of these beds are constructed to be small cat houses, which gives them a little retreat from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Not only are these beds useful, but they're also super cute, so they can double as Christmas decor. Your feline might have been a little more naughty than nice this year, but they still deserve one of these beds.

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gingerbread hocat bed
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

Candy-Decorated Gingerbread House

No, this gingerbread house isn't edible—but it does look expertly decorated. This 16 x 16-inch bed is made super soft material your cat will love to cuddle with. The top of the opening features a candy toy in case your cat is looking for a little entertainment in their abode. The product also comes with a removable plush pillow that is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Buy It: Holiday Tails Gingerbread House Cat Bed, $22.49, Petco

santa claus belt cat bed
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Santa's Gold Belt

This bed is choice for larger cats because it isn't partially enclosed. It's made of sturdy felt and is 14 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep. Although the design is simple, the material is scratch-resistant, so your cat can claw away.

Buy It: Santa Claus Belt Cat Bed, $18.89, Walmart

christmas tree cat bed
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Plush Christmas Tree

Normally, you don't want your cat anywhere near your Christmas tree—but this is a version you'll encourage them to hang out in. This Tannenbaum is made of velvet, cloth, and cotton. It's machine washable, though the Etsy owner recommends hand washing it. The bed comes in two sizes: small, which is about 16 x 19 inches and costs $36; and medium, which is 17 x 24 inches and retails for $48.

Buy It: Christmas Tree Cat Bed, $46, Etsy

santa claus hat cat bed
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Santa Claus' Red Hat

Pet toys can be expensive, which is why we especially like this bed that's both fun and affordable. The exterior of this 13 x 20-inch item is made of plush and velour, and the inside contains plastic for your cat to paw around with. It also features a ball toy connected by a string for added playtime.

Buy It: Santa Claus Hat Cat Bed, $12.98, Amazon

reindeer cat bed
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Red and Green Reindeer

This antler-adorned house looks so comfy, we only wish there was one for adults. This 12 x 12-inch bed, which is recommended for animals up to 7 pounds, is made of high-density foam and soft fiber materials. A "hair ball" toy dangles at the top of the house for pets who prefer to play instead of rest. The cushion inside the house is removable, machine washable, and can even go in your dryer.

Buy It: Reindeer Cat Bed, $23.98, Amazon


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