Your new kitty deserves a name as unique as she is. From A to Z, we've found some of the most unusual and creative cat names out there so your four-pawed pal will have a meaningful moniker.

By Melissa A. Kay

"Here kitty, kitty!" may be one way to summon your cat to come for some kibble. But your feline friend deserves a name that reflects his purr-sonality. Here are some of the most creative cat names we could find along with the reasons we think they're so wonderful.

Abracadabra: Consider this name for a sleek black cat who looks like she could be part of a magic act. Cats do have a way of disappearing into those hard-to-see hideaways.

Bashful: Name your cat Bashful if she's as timid as the one of the seven dwarves. Shy can be sweet.

Curious: There's Curious George, so why not Curious Cat? For the kitty who's always getting into things, Curious couldn't be more fitting.

Doggie: If you possess a sense of irony, naming your cat Doggie will have friends shocked to learn you actually own a cat. But unlike a dog, Doggie may not come running when you call her name.

Emerald: Some cats have sparkling green eyes, making Emerald a fancy feline first name. Even if your cat's eyes are blue, Emerald is still a gem of a name.

Frisky: As all cat owners know, those little guys and gals can frolic forever. Frisky will fit any high-energy cat.

Goldilocks: Name your blonde cat Goldilocks for a classic fairy-tale name that conjures images of childhood. Thankfully, this Goldilocks doesn't come with three bears!

Harry: Ever since the royal wedding, folks have been fawning over Prince Harry. While Meghan Markle snapped him up, you still have a shot at finding your own feline Prince Charming.

Ishmael: Book worms can get literal and "call me Ishmael" when it comes to their felines. 

Junior: You may not have a (human) child to name after yourself, so call your cat Junior, especially if they're just like you. A fun name for cat No. 2, too.

King: Your cat may not be king of the jungle, but he surely believes he's the king of your household.

Lion: Though you cat isn't as ferocious as their cousin the lion, they're just as majestic. Lion is a powerful name of spirit and strength.

Mouse: If your cat knew what her name meant, she might not like it as much as you do. Mouse is an ironically cute name for a cat who loves the thrill of the chase.

Neon: Bold and bright, Neon makes a statement. Cats are full of energy, and Pastel just doesn't fit their wild ways.

Orlando: You could be referring to the city (with magical Disney vibes!), the actor (Mr. Bloom), or the part in Shakespeare's "As You Like It." Any and every way, this three-syllable choice is rarely used for cats.

Paws: They named a shark Jaws, so go on and name your cat Paws. With four adorable feet to perfect their pounce, Paws will get your cat a thumb's up.

Queen: It's only fitting for your very loyal, royal pet!

Red: If you have a ginger cat, Red is a simple choice for your flame-color feline.

Sunny: Cats bring a ray of sunshine to every moment, and they inspire us to wake up with a smile. Sunny is warm and light like your favorite furry friend.

Tiny: The littlest kitties are so precious. Name yours Tiny, and even when she grows she'll still be your baby. And if your cat winds up being larger than expected, calling her Tiny will always give you a chuckle.

Unique: Want a unique name? Go for Unique! Every cat has a special something, so Unique is well-suited for any cat. Unique is a one-of-a-kind moniker.

Venom: Venom is a dangerous name that will make your cat feel like he's a predator. If chasing after mice, rabbits, and squirrels is her idea of ferocious, Venom suits.

Waldo: Always looking for your cat? Waldo will make you grin every time you ask where he is. Hiding out is part of any cat's routine. Give him a name that's silly yet suitable.

Xander: The name Xander means "defender of men." Let's hope giving your cat a warrior name like Xander means he'll always protect you from harm.

Yanny: After the recent Yanny/Laurel sound bite mystery, Yanny has become trendy. It's snappy and cute, perfect for naming a quirky kitty. The only issue? Be prepared to hear folks call your cat Laurel.

Zen: Some cats are just chill. No pouncing or bouncing off the walls. If this describes your low-key kitty, choose Zen.


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