These clever names are perfect for your fun-loving kitty.

By Jennifer Aldrich
Updated March 23, 2021

Sure, many breeds of cats look pretty similar, but pet parents know that every kitty has its own unique personality. In fact, your feline's demeanor is probably one of the reasons you decided to adopt them. (Along with their gorgeous coat of fur, of course.) If your cat is on the sillier side (or maybe you're the comedian at home), you'll love these funny names that are perfect for your cat. There are many options on this list, including names for girls and choices for boys, too. Some of these names are clever puns, including Clawdia, Jenipurr, and Pawlina. There are also unique monikers like Gizmo, Jinx, and Sherlock. With 48 names in total below, make sure you go through all of them before making your final choice.

black and white cat on the back of a sofa
Credit: Molly Aaker/Getty Images

48 Funny Cat Names

There are excellent names for all kinds of felines, whether they have white fur, are bright orange, or a mix of multiple colors, and are a calico cat. You'll certainly find a knee-slapping name to call your new pet.

  1. Bonkers
  2. Bootsie
  3. Bubba
  4. Buster
  5. Catalina
  6. Catticus
  7. Cheshire
  8. Clawdia
  9. Copy Cat
  10. Crookshanks
  11. Cuddles
  12. Empurress
  13. Feline Good
  14. Figaro
  15. Foxy Cleopatra
  16. Gizmo
  17. Jaspurr
  18. Jenipurr
  19. Jinx
  20. Kabuki
  21. Katnip
  22. Kittycat
  23. Lionel
  24. Madam Meow
  25. Meowly
  26. Mr. Bigglesworth
  27. Mufasa
  28. Pawesome
  29. Pawlina
  30. Picatso
  31. Pico de Gato
  32. Pudder
  33. Purrfect
  34. Purrkins
  35. Purrple
  36. Purru
  37. Razzmatazz
  38. Ravenclaw
  39. Santa Claws
  40. Sherlock
  41. Simba
  42. Special Agent Mittens
  43. Squirt
  44. Tabby
  45. Tempurra
  46. Twinkle Toes
  47. Whispurr
  48. Wink

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August 2, 2020
These cat names are so cute!!!!! I love them!! It is so hard to choose!!!