Decide what to call your new kitty with the help of these great options.

By Jennifer Aldrich
Updated February 05, 2021

So, you're one of the many people who welcomed a new pet into your family during the pandemic—congratulations. There are plenty of things to do to prepare for your new kitty, including buying them plenty of toys and food, but the most fun part is choosing a perfect name for your feline. You might already have a few ideas in mind, but it's a good idea to wait until you have the kitten in your home. Then, you can get to know their personality and select a moniker that really fits them. Of course, there are so many names to choose from, but we're getting pretty specific here with 50 options that all start with the letter "S." There is an especially great selection of food names, including Sage, Sherbert, and S'mores, for anyone who loves to cook (or just eat). But there are plenty of other options on this list, too, so make sure you check them all out. These choices are fit for a feline of any age, whether they're a newborn kitten, a senior cat, or somewhere in between.

woman petting cat on couch
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Cat Names That Start With An 'S'

Give your kitty some spunk with one of these names (in fact, "Spunk" is on this list). If you're having trouble deciding, read through each one out loud to see how you like it.

  1. Sabrina
  2. Sadie
  3. Sage
  4. Salem
  5. Sammy
  6. Sangria
  7. Santana
  8. Sasha
  9. Sassy
  10. Scamp
  11. Scarlett
  12. Schnapps
  13. Scooter
  14. Scotch
  15. Scotty
  16. Selena
  17. Serena
  18. Shadow
  19. Sherbet
  20. Shiloh
  21. Simba
  22. Simon
  23. Sinatra
  24. Sinbad
  25. Skylar
  26. Smokey
  27. S'mores
  28. Snowball
  29. Sonny
  30. Sorbet
  31. Sox
  32. Sparkles
  33. Spencer
  34. Sphinx
  35. Sprinkles
  36. Spunky
  37. Stella
  38. Stallone
  39. Sterling
  40. Stevie
  41. Storm
  42. Sugar
  43. Suki
  44. Sultan
  45. Sundance
  46. Sunkist
  47. Sunny
  48. Sydney
  49. Sylvester
  50. Sylvie


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