Use your pet's unique coat as inspiration on what to call them.

By Jennifer Aldrich
Updated January 22, 2021

Calico cats have a bright, beautiful fur that makes the feline eye-catching. Some might think calico is a breed, but it's actually just a description of their orange, black, and white coats. As an owner, it's important to know that if you're searching for a calico cat, it could be one of many breeds, including the American shorthair, the Persian, and the Norwegian forest cat, which can determine your kitty's personality. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, it's not completely clear where calico cats originated, but many people think they were brought down from the Mediterranean and discovered in Egypt. Now, you can find calicos all over the world.

In folklore, calico cats are often thought to bring good fortune, and in the United States, they're considered so lucky they're called "money cats." Of course, you're more than welcome to name your cat anything you'd like, but you should know that there's almost a 100% certainty your pet is a female. Their unique black, orange, and white coat is due to the X chromosome.

Credit: Courtesy of Credit: Vadym Plysiuk/Getty Images

Thee Most Popular Calico Cat Names

To help you come up with the best moniker for your new kitty, we turned to the pet experts at Rover. Each year, the company sifts through its database to determine the most popular names. And recently, Rover released a roundup of options perfect for your calico cat.

  1. Addie
  2. Amaretto
  3. Amber
  4. Aurora
  5. Bambi
  6. Bean
  7. Beatrice
  8. Bell
  9. Bennie
  10. Bijou
  11. Bolt
  12. Bongo
  13. Bootsy
  14. Bourbon
  15. Butterscotch
  16. Buttercup
  17. Calypso
  18. Cameron
  19. Cheeto
  20. Chestnut
  21. Chimera
  22. Chloe
  23. Chowder
  24. Copper
  25. Cornelius
  26. Clementine
  27. Dallas
  28. Dahlia
  29. Doodle
  30. Edison
  31. Eliza
  32. Emmy
  33. Fancy
  34. Frisky
  35. Furby
  36. Fuzz
  37. Garfield
  38. Gizmo
  39. Ginger
  40. Haley
  41. Harlow
  42. Hemingway
  43. Herman
  44. Hermione
  45. Hobbes
  46. Honey
  47. Honeybee
  48. Huxley
  49. Julius
  50. Jynx

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December 6, 2020
I named my calico cat, happy
May 18, 2020
Uhm...Is it a good idea to name my calico cat, luna, after my dead cat?