Searching for something to call your two-toned kitty? These unique options draw inspiration from your pet's gorgeous coat.

By Caitlin Scott
Updated April 30, 2020

Part of the joy of adopting a new pet is knowing you've just added a new addition to the family. From this day forward, they'll greet you when you come home, rely on you for affection and care, and keep you company. Another highlight? Getting to know their personality and picking out a special name to suit it. However, this isn't necessarily an easy process. (Especially if you have multiple people in the family who all have different ideas of what you should call your new cat.) A lot of thought tends to go into selecting a name for a pet, which makes sense seeing as your cat will keep this name for the rest of its life. If you search around for cat names, you'll find a variety of options, including ones inspired by food and others that come from famous warriors. For those with a black and white cat, you might also consider a moniker that will reflect your cat's beautiful coat color. For example, a cat's black-and-white coat resembles a tuxedo, a panda bear, or a classic Oreo cookie. As you're reading this list of names, you might choose a few that you like. If you need assistance deciding on the best option, try calling your cat each one and monitor how they respond to help you choose.

Credit: Svetlana Popova/Getty Images

Names for Black and White Cats

Below, we've compiled 50 names that are perfect for the black and white cat in your life. There are options for both boy cats and female felines, which work well for young kittens and older cats.

  1. Ace
  2. Ansel Adams
  3. Bandit
  4. Boots
  5. Bowtie
  6. Butler
  7. Charlie Chaplin
  8. Checkers
  9. Chess
  10. Chip
  11. Chuck Taylor
  12. Cookie
  13. Cruella
  14. Cupcake
  15. Domino
  16. Dottie
  17. Eskimo
  18. Houdini
  19. James Bond
  20. Jazzy
  21. Jester
  22. Joker
  23. Maestro
  24. Magic
  25. Marble
  26. Mickey
  27. Milkshake
  28. Minnie
  29. Mischief
  30. Mittens
  31. MooMoo
  32. Newsie
  33. Oreo
  34. Orca
  35. Oxford
  36. Panda
  37. Pepper
  38. Piano
  39. Pinstripe
  40. Pinto
  41. Spot
  42. Stripes
  43. Sundae
  44. Sushi
  45. Swirl
  46. Sylvester
  47. Tuxedo
  48. Twilight
  49. Yin-Yang
  50. Zoro

If you're thinking of adding another cat to your family in the future, we have plenty of other monikers that you'll love. Make sure you check out our lists of orange cat names and calico kitty names. You might find the perfect option for your future pet.


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