50 Fun Names for Boy Cats

Congratulations! You just adopted a kitten. But what do you name him? Here are 50 options.

Boy cats can have distinctive personalities. Find a name that matches his coat color or his markings, as well as his demeanor. Here are 50 name options (and the meanings behind them) for your new male kitten/cat.

Angus: A Scottish name for strong cats who love their independence.

Archie: Short for Archibald, this name was originally associated with the aristocracy, making it a fine choice for regal kitties.

Aslan: Name your kitten after the bold and loving lion in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.

Atlas: In Greek mythology, Atlas was the god that held the world on his shoulders. It's the perfect name for a kitten who thinks he owns the world.

Bagheera: In Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, the black panther Bagheera is a wise mentor to Mowgli the jungle boy.

Bandit: Tiger cats will steal your heart. That's why Bandit is a great name for these masked fur balls.

Caesar: If your kitten acts like an emperor in a fur coat, Caesar might be an appropriate name.

Casper: Everyone's favorite friendly ghost, Casper is a great name for a white or almost-all-white kitten.

Chester: Since 1983, a smooth-talking cheetah has been the mascot of Cheetos snack foods. If you have an orange kitty, Chester might be the perfect name for him!

Crookshanks: In the Harry Potter series, Crookshanks is the name of Hermione's temperamental Persian cat.

Domino: Let your kitten's coat color help you come up with an appropriate name. For example, Domino is ideal for a black-and-white kitten.

Felix: Entertaining us since the 1920s, Felix the Cat is a great name for a black-and-white kitty.

Figaro: Owned by Geppetto in Pinocchio, black-and-white Figaro has a starring role.

Fritz: Fritz the Cat was a cartoon from the mid-1960s starring who else but Fritz the Cat.

Garfield: Star of cartoons and movies, the tubby tabby Garfield might share his name with your kitten.

Gatsby: F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel centers on wealthy playboy Jay Gatsby who rules the social scene, just like your kitten does now. Or, for fun, try Catsby.

Hoover: If your kitten grabs every kitchen scrap that falls to the floor, you might consider calling him Hoover.

Houdini: Can your kitten escape from any room in your house? If so, Houdini might be the perfect name.

Hunter: Even if your kitten never sets a paw outdoors, he will always be dreaming of bringing down big game.

Jinx: In the film Meet The Parents the Himalayan cat, Mr. Jinx, stole the show.

Lancelot: The most trusted of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, Lancelot would make a great name for a bold boy kitten.

Mars: Named after the Roman god of war, the planet Mars gives off a red glow that shines brightly in the night sky. A good name for a red-hued cat.

Max: One of the most popular names for male cats in the United States, Max is a strong choice for any kitty.

Merlin: Legend has it that the wizard Merlin could shape-shift into any form he preferred. It's a great choice for the magical cat in your life.

Midnight: The purr-fect name for an all-black cat.

Milo: Name your kitten after the precocious orange tabby that starred in the 1986 movie, The Adventures of Milo and Otis.

Monet: The famous impressionist painter Claude Monet began his career by drawing pastels of cats. Monet (or even Claude) would make a great name for your pet.

Morris: Ever finicky, a cat named Morris has been the mascot for 9Lives cat food since the 1970s.

Napoleon: What better name than Napoleon for a future furry dictator with plans to take over your home?

Odin: In Norse mythology, Odin is the god of many things including magic and mystery. Sounds like the perfect cat name to me!

Oliver: For a hungry, orphaned kitten, consider the name Oliver, after Oliver Twist in the popular Charles Dickens' novel.

Oreo: For a sweet black-and-white kitty, Oreo is a great name.

Pharaoh: In Ancient Egypt, the pharaohs ruled much of the civilized world, just as your cat rules the modern one.

Puss: Originally from a French fairy tale, the wily Puss in Boots recently starred in his own movie.

Rex: For a cat that acts like he's king of the house, Rex might be a good fit.

Romeo: The perfect name for an adorable loving kitty that comes when you call.

Salem: Salem was the cat confidante of Sabrina in the TV series Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. A black cat, Salem was a loyal and true friend.

Sebastian: An ancient name that is related to an early Christian saint who was martyred for his faith.

Simba: The perfect name for your personal lion king.

Smokey: A logical name for gray or black cats.

Solomon: The wise King Solomon is an important Biblical character. He was known for his wisdom and his wealth.

Spock: Pointy ears and a know-it-all attitude describes Spock from Star Trek. Does it also sound like your new cat?

Sylvester: Tweety Bird's nemesis in the Looney Tunes cartoons, this name is great for a black-and-white cat.

Tao: This name comes from the Siamese cat in the Sheila Burnford novel, The Incredible Journey.

Tiger: An obvious name for striped kitties, Tiger works well for most any type of cat.

Tigger: The over-exuberant tiger in A. A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh books.

Tom: A rather obvious but good choice for a male kitten.

Toonces: Behind the wheel, Toonces the Driving Cat was a bit dangerous, but this Saturday Night Live feline will never be forgotten.

Yeti: A relative of Bigfoot, Yeti is an appropriate name for any kitty with extra toes.

Zeus: The ancient Greeks considered Zeus to be the god of gods and men. Sounds like a cat to us.

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  1. My next male cat will be Thackery Binx. Really surprised it's not on the list.

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