Calling all sports fans! Are you looking to name your cat after your favorite college sports team? Try one of these college mascot names for a fitting title for your feline.

By Natalie McIlwain

Whether you love college sports or just love the hype that surrounds them (cue, tailgating parties), there are plenty of fun college mascot names that are perfect for your cat. Look to these ferocious felines for some fun inspiration when naming your next cat.  

1. Aubie: Name your striped feline after this well-known tiger mascot. School: Auburn University, Alabama Animal: Tiger

2. Baxter: If your cat is stronger than it looks, name it after this bearcat. School: Binghamton University, New York Animal: Bearcat

3. Blitz: Your lightning-fast cat deserves a name to match. School: Willamette University, Oregon Animal: Bearcat

4. Billy: A fitting name for any sleek black cat. School: Eastern Illinois University, Illinois Animal: Panther

5. Blue: For your wild-at-heart feline. Blue is a live bobcat that lives at a wildlife education center in Frankfort, Kentucky. School: University of Kentucky, Kentucky Animal: Bobcat

6. Butch T. Cougar: Your fierce feline would be happy with this strong name. School: Washington State University, Washington Animal: Cougar

7. Clyde: Fitting for any clever cat. School: College of Charleston, South Carolina Animal: Cougar

8. Cody: A tasteful name for your male kitten. School: Columbus State University, Georgia Animal: Cougar

9. Cosmo: Name your cat after the universe ... or Brigham Young University's cougar mascot! School: Brigham Young University, Utah Animal: Cougar

10. Iggy: This fun name would be suitable for a carefree kitten. School: Loyola Marymount University, California Animal: Lion

11. Jinx: If your cat seems to always be getting into trouble, this mischievous name is perfect. School: Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Indiana Animal: Jaguar

12. LaCumba: A great name for your exotic feline. School: Southern University and A&M College, Louisiana Animal: Jaguar

13. LeeRoy: Meaning "the king," this name works well for an in-charge cat. School: Trinity University, Texas Animal: Tiger

14. Leo and Una: These names are the cat's meow for a pair of ferocious felines. The actual mascots, live African lions, reside on the UNA campus. School: University of North Alabama, Alabama Animal: Lion

15. Lucky: Bring some luck to your life with this cat name. School: Texas A&M University—Commerce, Texas Animal: Lion

16. Mike: Be like Mike! Your striped cat will appreciate being named after this strong mascot. School: Louisiana State University, Louisiana Animal: Tiger

17. Miss Pawla and South Paw: Name your Southern felines after this mascot couple. School: University of South Alabama, Alabama Animal: jaguar and jaguaress

18. Pounce: A great name for a bouncy kitten. School: Georgia State University, Georgia; Purdue University North Central, Indiana; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Wisconsin Animal: Panther

19. Prowler: If your cat is always on the hunt, choose this name to suit your feline. School: High Point University, North Carolina Animal: Panther

20. Rex: For any cat that is king of the jungle—or your home! School: Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina Animal: Lion

21. Roar-ee or Roary: Does your cat howl (or roar) well into the night? Give it a name that supports its lifestyle. School: Columbia University, New York; Florida International University, Florida Animal: Lion, golden panther

22. Roc: A good name for a solid, sturdy cat. School: University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Animal: Panther

23. Rowdy: A playful kitten would do well with a name like Rowdy. School: Birmingham-Southern College, Alabama Animal: Panther

24. Rufus: Root for Rufus when deciding your next cat name. School: Ohio University, Ohio Animal: Bobcat

25. Scratch: Hopefully your cat isn't a scratcher ... but this name is fun for any cat! School: University of Kentucky, Kentucky Animal: Wildcat

26. Shasta: Like a beautiful daisy, this name is suitable for a loving cat. School: University of Houston, Texas Animal: Cougar

27. Storm: Brew up this name for your next cat. School: Trine University, Indiana Animal: Tiger

28. TC and TK: This brother-sister pair is a fun name combo for your two felines. TC stands for "the cat," while TK stands for "the kitten." School: University of Northern Iowa, Iowa Animal: Panther

29. Toby: If your cat is as ferocious as a tiger, Toby is a fitting name. School: East Texas Baptist University, Texas Animal: Tiger

30. Truman: If you're a history buff, name your cat after one of the U.S. presidents, Harry S. Truman. This mascot was awarded "best mascot in the nation" in 2004. School: University of Missouri, Missouri Animal: Tiger

31. Tyler: Name your cat after this fighting feline. School: DePauw University, Indiana Animal: Tiger

32. Wassee: A unique name for your one-of-a-kind feline. School: Hiwassee College, Tennessee Animal: Tiger

33. Wilbur and Wilma: Wilbur isn't just a name for a pig! Try these fun names for your pair of cats. School: University of Arizona, Arizona Animal: Wildcat

34. Willie: This popular name works well for any kitten or cat. Schools: California State University, Chico, California; Northwestern University, Illinois; Kansas State University, Kansas Animal: Wildcat


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