Cat Names

A well-named feline is a happy one! Whether you have a male or female cat, we have cute cat names, orange cat names, and even warrior cat names to help capture your pet's personality.

The Most Unique Cat Names from A to Z

Your new kitty deserves a name as unique as she is. From A to Z, we've found some of the most unusual and creative cat names out there so your four-pawed pal will have a meaningful moniker.
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Funny Cat Names for Comical Felines

So you just got a new kitten -- congrats! Now it's time to pick a name. If your new cat is super silly and knows just how to make you laugh, a clever cat name might just be the trick. Here are 50 hilarious (and punny!) cat names that are simply purrfect for funny felines.
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More Cat Names

10 Best Cat Names in History and Media

Famous felines in history sport interesting names. Here are 10 possibilities for your cat.