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50 Siamese Cat Names to Call Your Beautiful Pet
Whether you want to find a name for a Siamese cat that speaks to her beautiful multi-colored coat or her overseas origins, we've got 50 perfect Siamese cat names for your inspiration.
Cats Really Are Emotionally Attached to Their Owners—Even if They Don't Obviously Show It
Cats have a reputation for aloofness. But a new study found that they do actually form secure bonds with humans, and look to humans for comfort.

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Basic Supplies for Your New Cat or Kitten
You've decided you're ready to open your heart and home to a cat or kitten. Learn the basic necessities you should have on hand to ensure your feline is healthy, comfortable, and content right from the start.
Yes, Your Cat Really Is Ignoring You, According to a New Study
You're not just imagining it. Cats can understand human speech, to a certain degree–but they're also selective about what they respond to.

How to Save a Choking Cat

To be prepared for an emergency, it's important to know these life-saving cat care strategies. Learn how to perform first aid in the event a cat is choking.