These loungers are comfortable, durable, and stylish.

By Jennifer Aldrich
May 06, 2020
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Owning a cat can be a wonderful experience. Your furry friend makes for a loving companion that will be there to comfort you and make you smile for many years to come. Because you love your feline as if they're part of the family, they deserve to feel that way. Which is why you should spoil them with their very own cat couch.

We searched through hundreds of options to find six different couches that all come with plush fabrics for comfort and sturdy frames that will last for many cat naps to come. They come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors to suit every pet owner's preferences. (One version is even a hammock that makes for an especially fun style, and another is built for the outdoors so they can enjoy the lovely weather.)

As a bonus, many of these couches are solid enough to hold dogs, too, so all your pets can unwind in them. (However, it might be difficult convincing your cat and your dog to share.) Whether you just adopted your pet, or you've had them for years, cats and kittens of all ages will love hanging out in these loungers. Once your kitty lies down in one of these cat beds, they'll want to relax all day long.

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy/Kurr Pets

This cat-size sofa option goes well with midcentury modern decor. The frame is made of Baltic birch plywood and measures 22 x 14 x 10 inches. It comes in five different finishes: natural birch (pictured), white transparent, gray transparent, black transparent, and amber. The cushion is sold separately starting at $34.24 and is available in 12 colors and three sizes.

Buy It: Wood Cat Bed, $85.60, Etsy

Credit: Courtesy of Petco

Your cat will take relaxing to a new level with this hammock. It comes with a wood frame that measures 28 x 14 x 13 inches, and a plush, reversible bed that's beige on one side and leopard print on the other.

Buy It: Fleece Cat Hammock, $18.29, Petco

Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

This plush small-scale sofa is so elegant, you'll want it in your size! The polyester sofa is chew-resistant, easy-to-clean, and the cushion cover is washable. It sits three inches off the ground, and the cushion is 27 x 14 inches.

Buy It: Baran Pet Sofa, $145.99, Wayfair

Credit: Courtesy of Overstock

Let your pet soak up the sun with this outdoor couch. (Of course, it can also go indoors when it's raining or during the colder months.) The durable rattan frame is sturdy and measures 20 x 32 x 10 inches. The foam cushion comes with a zippered, machine-washable cover.

Buy It: Outdoor Rattan Pet Cat Bed $145.99, Overstock

Credit: Courtesy of Petco

This lightweight lounger weighs just 3 pounds and measures 21 x 21 inches, so it's perfect for smaller spaces. The base is made of wood and the hammock can go in the washing machine and the dryer.

Buy It: Pet Lounge Bed with Reversible Hammock, $49.99, Petco

Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Your kitty (or pup) won't ever want to leave this plush couch that features memory foam for optimal comfort. The plush cover is machine-washable and has a zipper so you can take it off and put it back one easily. It comes in five sizes, small to jumbo plus, and three colors: deep sapphire (pictured), sable brown, and merlot red.

Buy It: Plush Deluxe Memory Pet Bed, $23.99, Chewy


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