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While cats and dogs may be the most conventional pet to have at home, we don't want your pet turtle, pet hedgehog, pet ferret, or pet rat to be left out!

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3 Cuddly Small Pets That Make Wonderful Companions

Love the thought of a pet but can't accommodate a cat or dog? Try one of these three furry and adorable animals instead.

Everything You Need to Know to Care for Your New Pet Turtle

Turtles are popular pet choices for individuals and families, but what kind of care do they need? Use this guide to keep your pet turtle healthy, happy, and safe in its new home.

Everything You Need to Know to Care for Mini Pigs

A pig for a pet? Why not! Mini pigs (also called micro or "teacup" pigs) make for great house pets, as long as you know how to take care of them. Discover what to feed them, how to train them, and more pig care tips and tricks below.

What to Feed Guinea Pigs

While there are some definite guinea pig food dos and don'ts, feel free to mix up your menu when it comes to deciding what to feed guinea pigs. A guinea pig diet should include a range of foods, starting with a basic diet of pellets and incorporating hay and vegetables.

Should You Adopt a Hamster?

In addition to being undeniably cute, hamsters are often considered a great starter pet. But before you adopt a furry friend, here are five important things your family should consider before living with hamsters.