This smart dog food bowl—the Obe ProBowl—is now widely available, so you’ll never overfeed your fur baby again.

By Lauren Phillips of Real Simple
July 18, 2018
Obe smart dog food bowl

On truly chaotic days, it can be difficult to remember to feed yourself and your human family, much less your four-legged family members. You might overfeed them, or even accidentally feed them the same meal twice. Fortunately, this smart dog food bowl is here to make all those issues disappear.

The Obe ProBowl has had some buzz around it for the last few years, as its creators won innovation competitions, competed for awards, and more—the smart dog food bowl even had an Indiegogo for a time. But now the bowl is widely available through online ordering, so you can finally get your hands (and your pets’ paws) on one.

The smart dog food bowl uses WiFi to connect to an app on your smartphone, which lets you track exactly how much your dogs (or cats) are eating and drinking; determine how much you should be feeding them so they gain, maintain, or lose weight; know the last time they ate; and more. You can share that data with your vet, so he or she can check for any worrisome pet health trends, and also keep an eye on how your pets are eating while you’re away.

The Obe ProBowl also has a light-up base, dubbed the Smart Base, that changes colors to tell you that you’ve added enough food (or too much) and even if your pets have already been fed for the evening. (No more accidental double dinners!) The Smart Base is equipped with weighing mechanisms that track exactly how much food is in the bowl, so you can be confident that your pet is getting the right amount of food—without having to pull out a measuring cup.

Once you get the bowl, all you have to do is enter your dog’s details—things such as breed, age, weight, etc.—and scan the barcode on your pet food. The app will use a specialized algorithm to develop a feeding recommendation and even reorder food from Amazon when supplies start running low. And the app and bowl will work together to learn the eating and feeding preferences of you and your pet and use them to make personalized recommendations in the future.

Best of all, the bowl is sleek and compact—no bulky scales or wall plugs required, and it’s actually more attractive than many other non-smart dog food bowls. The bowl is dishwasher-safe, FDA-approved food-safe, and BPA-free, and it works with both food (wet or dry) and water. It’s intended to keep your pet as healthy as possible, while taking one thing off your worry list.

The Obe ProBowl is now available at, in 33- and 46-ounce sizes. Prices start at $129 per bowl, though they are currently on sale (as part of the full launch) at $99 for the 33-ounce bowl and $109 for the 46-ounce one.

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