Get the Look: White Dinnerware for All Occasions

white dinnerware
Think white dinnerware is too plain? Think again! By using classic dinnerware as a foundation, you can create a festive, chic dinner table for any holiday. We share our inspiration, get-the-look product picks, and some fun DIY projects to get you started.

Everyday Table Setting

Classic white dinnerware goes with any decor style. This look pairs casual linen napkins (with a fun DIY flourish -- see slide 8) with chic gold flatware. Add a fresh-cut bouquet to complete the table. Click through the next slides to get the look.

DIY Decoration

Create custom napkins to update your everyday dishes! Tape out your desired design onto cloth napkins and place mats (we used chevron Frog Tape for ours). Paint taped area with fabric paint. Remove tape immediately, making sure not to touch wet paint. Let dry according to directions on paint package. Embroider with a running stitch in gold embroidery thread to finish.

Thanksgiving Celebration

Versatile harvest gold is the perfect color complement to the deep-toned wood table and the rustic centerpiece. By using a solid place mat with a patterned napkin accent, we've created an arsenal of table linens that can be mixed and matched throughout the year. See slide 16 for the charming place cards!

Charming Place Card

Create a tiny takeaway for your Thanksgiving guests! Fill a small terra-cotta pot with a handful of moss to create a mound at the top. Gather a few small pumpkins and other items from a fall floral collection (make sure they have picks). Stick pumpkins into the bed of moss, arranging as desired. Make a sign to top off your place setting. We printed "Be Thankful" onto brown paper cardstock and cut it out. Hot glue to a toothpick and stick into moss. Place the finished pot on a slice of wood to complete the look.

Christmas Tidings

Swap place mats for gold chargers, bring back the everyday gold flatware, and top the table with a bold red tablecloth and we're ready for Christmas dinner! Vintage-inspired plaid napkins add pattern, and the easy napkin rings are a project found on slide 22.

Nifty Napkin Ring

To make a festive napkin ring, take an acorn top and drill a small hole so twine can be inserted. Using a letter-size sheet of green cardstock, cut three strips approximately 3-1/2 x 8-1/2-inches. Snip each cardstock strip -- do not cut completely through strip -- to create thin fringe that will become the pine needles. Roll fringe and glue it into the acorn cap. Snip bottom ends to make uneven, and dip into glitter glue. Once dry, use twine to secure tassel around napkin.

A Festive New Year's Eve

Our standard dinnerware gets a glitzy makeover with help from the gold flatware and shimmery woven place mats. Count down to midnight with festive party hats, a DIY crepe paper table runner, and party poppers (instructions on slides 28-30).

Party Popper

Welcome the new year with a bang! Cut a strip of crepe paper to extend a bit beyond the ends of a purchased confetti party popper. Cut fringe into each end with scissors. Use double-sided tape to secure the strip of paper around the party popper, making sure to leave the ends open to release confetti. Finish off the popper with a small strip of contrasting crepe paper and secure as before.

Stylish Table Runner

Create a glam ruffled table runner! Using one roll each of gold and silver crepe paper (50 x 250 cm), cut gold paper roll in thirds about 6-1/2 inches wide, running the length of the roll. Cut three silver paper strips approximately 3 inches wide in the same manner. Center the strip of silver paper on top of the gold. Before sewing crepe paper, adjust your sewing machine to the longest stitch possible and the tension to the strongest possible. Start off sewing crepe paper with a forward and backward stitch to keep the paper joined. As you sew, you will see the crepe paper begin to ruffle. Once you come to the end of your first strip of paper join the second, and then the final third.

Hats Off

It's not a party without a fun hat! Glue precut confetti onto a preassembled party hat. Use hot glue to place decorative trim around the base of the hat. Print out "Happy New Year" in desired font and use a scallop paper punch to cut out the sign. Use glitter glue to decorate the edges of the scallop, glue onto hat.

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