Creative Uses for Wine Corks

Save your leftover wine corks from last night's party—these creative wine cork ideas can be put to use in these fun projects and DIY wine cork crafts for your home.

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    Succulent Wine Cork Napkin Ring

    Create a stunning dinner party place setting with these handmade napkin rings. This inexpensive craft uses faux succulents, wine corks, and ribbon to create a pretty plate. 

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    Wine Cork Cheese Marker

    Use your leftover wine corks for your next charcuterie board! Create fun cheese markers by wrapping the bottom of a used cork with colorful string. Cut a small slit on the side of the cork and add a piece of card stock. Add the name of your dish or cheese, and you're done! 

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    Drink-Table Artwork

    Add pizazz to a party table with a festive phrase created from leftover wine corks. Get thin wooden letters (available at crafts stores) and hot-glue the corks to them to create a three-dimensional effect. To make things interesting, use both the plain and wine-stained ends of the corks when assembling your letters. Hang on the wall behind a table full of drinks and other party goodies.

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    Special Occasion Wine Display

    Remember milestones with a sophisticated bowl of dated wine corks. Each time you open a bottle to celebrate an event, write the name and date of the event in permanent marker on the cork. Once you have a collection, artfully arrange them in a bowl to make a memorable table centerpiece.

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    Wine Cork Stamp

    You don't need to save a bunch of wine corks for this fun stamp project. Use a crafts knife to carefully cut away small pieces from a wine cork to make a shape, such as a round fish or leaf (shown). Dip a cork end into paint, making sure that the cork isn't too heavily coated. Wash the cork in between color changes, or switch to the other end of the cork.

    Editor's Tip: Before cutting your cork, soak it in water for at least 30 minutes. If the cork is too dry, it will split and crumble when you cut it.

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    Make a Wine Cork Trivet

    For a bright and functional tabletop accessory, cut wine corks into half-inch pieces and hot-glue together to form a trivet. Paint with your favorite colors, and you've got bright kitchen accent!

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    Wine Cork and Candle Centerpiece

    For a centerpiece in a snap, place a small candle in the center of a tall glass candleholder and surround with a handful of wine corks. Make sure your candle stands out by elevating it with a wood block or other sturdy item—don't worry about appearance, since it will be hidden by the corks.

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    Wine Cork Bulletin Board

    Transform a regular bulletin board or frame from simple to sophisticated with wine corks you've saved over the years. Fit rows of wine corks end to end inside a frame, then hot-glue them together to create a fun space for pinning items.

    Editor's Tip: Hang this board in the kitchen and use it to pin weekly recipes or other handy cooking cutouts.

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    Wine Cork Curtain Accent

    Create a rustic curtain decoration that's both functional and pretty—all it takes is a wine cork and a bit of twine. To make the simple accent, gather the curtain fabric and tie with twine. After tying the first knot, add a wine cork and tie another knot around it. Secure with a dab of hot glue to keep the cork in place.

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    Floating Wine Corks and Candles Centerpiece

    Pretty up a party table with this floating wine cork and candle display. Use twine to securely tie groups of three wine corks together, adding dabs of hot glue to make sure they hold together. Fill a wide glass candleholder with 2 to 3 inches of water, and float fresh flowers on the surface. Add the wine cork "rafts" and top with tea lights for a centerpiece that's sure to impress.

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    Wine Cork Hanging Cluster

    Mix and match corks from wine bottles and jugs to create an appealing, unique cluster for pinning small items. Hot-glue the corks to a floating shelf or frame to add flair to your space, then hang special items with colorful tacks.

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    Wine Cork Swing for a Fairy Garden

    Add a whimsical touch to your fairy garden with this DIY swing. We'll show you how to make it and share ideas for creating the ultimate DIY fairy garden. 

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    Magnetic Cork Planters

    This hack is just for decoration, but your guests will be so impressed! Hollow out a cork, leaving a small edge around the sides and bottom. Hot glue a magnet to the side of the cork and plant a small succulent in the hole. It really is simple and easy to maintain, even for those of us without a green thumb.

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    Garden Markers

    What could be better than enjoying a glass of wine in a flourishing garden? Once you've reached the bottom of the bottle, save the cork to use as a plant marker. Pierce the cork with a skewer and write the plant or herb directly on the end with the cork. These work great outside because corks are water resistant.

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    Wine Glass Charms

    This hack works like a charm! To make these personalized wine glass markers, you'll first want to steam the corks on the stove top for ten minutes and then cut them into half-inch charms. Stamp them with whatever letter or symbol you choose and attach to the stem of the wine glass. No more Moscato mix-ups for you!

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    Wine Cork Picture Frame

    This handmade picture frame is as easy as gluing on your favorite recycled wine corks. Choose a plain wood frame and attach corks with hot glue. This easy craft is the perfect gift for the wine-lover in your life! 

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