How to Make a Decorative Tissue Paper Wrap for a Floral Bouquet

Use craft materials to turn ordinary flowers into a spectacular gift with these tips on how to use tissue paper to create a gorgeous giftable bouquet.

floral bouquet, pink peony flowers, flowers

Use brightly patterned tissue paper to make an ordinary grocery store bouquet pop. This is the perfect way to gift flowers to a friend or loved one and is so easy to make! Try bringing it as a hostess gift.

What You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper
  • Paper towel
  • Plastic wrap
  • Ribbon
  • [button-pdf id="546244" title="Downloadable bouquet tags" /]

How to Make It

wrapping flowers, flowers, floral arrangement

1. Cut 2-3 sheets of tissue paper into a large square. Wrap the bottom of the bouquet with a damp paper towel and wrap the damp stems with plastic wrap -- make sure they're completely covered, or the water will ruin the tissue paper! Fold your tissue paper into a triangle. Then place the wrapped bouquet in the center of the folded triangle.

wrapping flowers, flowers, floral arrangement

2. Bring one edge of the paper up and around the bouquet, creasing the paper next to the stems. Then bring the other side up and around, folding the first side back over.

bouquet of flowers, flowers, floral arrangement

3. Continue wrapping the paper all the way around and secure with ribbon. Add a personalized gift tag and your bouquet is ready to be gifted to a friend!

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