Throw an Outdoor Party on the Deck

For a fabulous and easy party location, look no further than your deck or patio. A simple party menu, a single house cocktail, and laid-back decor create a mellow, fuss-free atmosphere that's perfect for enjoying an evening with friends.

How to Host an Outdoor Party

You don't need much besides a warm, breezy evening to make this party a success. Set out some comfy seating and a buffet of our easy summer dishes, and you're set for a night of relaxing fun.

Best Party Tip: Takeout is OK!

When we said easy, we meant it! The first step to this simple party is picking up the takeout. Browse your deli's sandwich choices, and pick up some basic snacks like chips and salsa.

Choose a House Cocktail

Another way to make your party easy? Choose one cocktail to make and stick to it. We love the refreshing taste of Moscow Mules, and their trademark copper cups instantly upgrade your party spread. The best part is, you only need four ingredients to whip up these citrus quenchers: mix two parts ginger beer with one part vodka. Add some lime juice and a lime wedge, and you’re ready to start sippin’.

Prep for the Party Ahead of Time

Prep the first round of cocktails just before guests arrive. That way, you won’t miss a thing, and the party can get started immediately.

Bring It Outside

Prep your party food in your kitchen and bring it outside. Stock an oversize bamboo tray with everything you need to set out during the party. It minimizes trips inside and serves as a pretty way to display silverware and plates. 

Create the Party Spread

Keep serving and cleanup simple with a stack of summery plates, a basket of napkins, and a cup for flatware. Leave a few sandwiches in their boxes so guests can grab the leftovers on their way out. Snacks, such as chips and salsa and lettuce wraps, fill out this easy party spread.

Set Aside the Party Sandwiches

Fill another basket with unwrapped sandwich halves so guests can easily grab and try different flavor combos. Be sure to include a variety of options, including vegetarian sandwiches. 

Make a Quick Party Snack

These fresh and crunchy appetizers are just about the easiest thing on the planet. Fill hearts of romaine with croutons and a drizzle of ranch dressing. Guests will love the zesty flavor, and you’ll love the quick prep time. Line them up on a fun cutting board for savvy presentation. 

Tip: For homemade flavor, season and toast your own bread cubes.

DIY Drink Station

Let the adults help themselves to warm weather drinks like iced tea and sangria. Keep them in large beverage vessels for easy serving. Add fun mix-ins like fresh fruit, herbs, citrus, and flavored syrups. 

Create a Kids' Punch Station

A colorful punch station lets kids in on the party fun. Set up a small table on the deck with a fruity punch, colorful straws, and sturdy cups.

Embrace Your Space

No need to lug a dining table outside! Gather around your patio coffee table for a casual outdoor party. Simply dress it up with fresh flowers and use it as the main buffet for the party. This arrangement encourages guests to gather.

Don't Stress on Seating

Arrange your outdoor space with multiple seating areas so guests can mingle easily. Short on seating? Grab chairs and colorful cushions from inside to create a fun mix-and-match look.

String Lights

Stringing lights gives your outdoor party space instant ambiance. Stick to glass globes for a timeless look, or dress up your own strand! As the sky gets darker, turn them on for a subtle glow. 

Decorate with Paper Lanterns

Simple white lanterns are an inexpensive, reusable party decoration. Hang them from a tall tree in your yard for a dramatic, ethereal backdrop.

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