7 Rosé Party Theme Ideas for a Sophisticated Soiree

Grab your girlfriends, open a few bottles of your favorite rosé, and put our simple party hacks to work to create the most fun grown-up party ever.

We never need an excuse to pour a glass of rosé, but we're obsessed with this party theme! Build what looks like an intricate veggie board (it's actually so easy!) and throw together a few fun colors and patterns. We'll show you how to set the table in minutes. Plus, bring all the spring party enthusiasm to this indoor or outdoor gathering with our easy decorating hacks like using fresh-from-the-garden cut flowers and snipped herbs. This spring party idea is a great excuse to gather with friends (while following proper social distancing protocols) and sample a variety of rosés.

glass of sparkling rosé iced bottles crudites
Jason Donnelly

Chill Out

Set a casual tone for your gathering by chilling the rosé in an unconventional container. Skip the fancy wine chiller and add a few bottles—and ice—to a pretty stoneware dutch oven. We love the pop of color this blue baking dish adds to the table. Since the outside of the dish will likely start to sweat (especially if your party is outside!), we recommend placing the container on a table runner or a folded kitchen towel to keep your table safe.

rose party place setting name tags
Jason Donnelly

Keep It Casual

You don't have to build elaborate place settings to create a classy sensation for your party. We layered a patterned plate over a solid plate, then topped them with a napkin and paper name tag. If you feel like DIY-ing, you can cut your own tags from cardstock and write each guest's name. For the less crafty folks, precut paper tags are inexpensive and available at most crafts stores! Throw in a knife and fork and a few glasses, and your setup is done!

serving board with crudites rosé table
Jason Donnelly

Build a Snack Board

We're obsessed with this light and fresh take on the classic charcuterie board. Instead of expensive meats and cheeses, build an elaborate veggie board. We started by adding our favorite finger-food veggies, then filled in with fruit, crackers, nuts, and bowls of hummus and pesto to build the ultimate snack board. This is one of our favorite hosting hacks—guests will have plenty to munch on, but you only have to prep and set out one dish! We added patterned bowls of extra chips and nuts around the table to fill in extra space but let the veggie board be the star of the show.

rose centerpiece with pink bloom olives
Jason Donnelly

Simple Flower Arrangements

A garden party-esque gathering isn't complete without a few flower arrangements! We opted for simple bouquets of fresh greenery and pretty garden flowers, like peonies, and put each in a mason jar. If you don't have a garden full of fresh flowers, check your farmers market or a local flower farm to find gorgeous garden flowers that won't break the bank.

rose party place settings crudites wine
Jason Donnelly

Grown-Up Color Scheme

A rosé party doesn't have to be decked out in everything pink. We love the way this pink and blue combination gives the party a bright and summery look. To get an upscale look without adding elaborate decorations, mix up the patterns! We paired a striped table runner with printed napkins, floral plates, and patterned bowls to create a simple yet elegant look.

small potted herb rosé glass almonds
Jason Donnelly

Practical Decor

Keep the garden theme going by adding garnishes as part of the table decor. We're obsessed with how much simple potted herbs can add to the table—and they're practical, too! Guests can pick a few leaves right off the plant to use as a garnish for their glass of rosé.

woman fresh sprig glass sparkling wine
Jason Donnelly

DIY Rose Cocktails

A good bottle of rosé is perfect for any party, but if you're feeling like this party needs more than just plain rosé, we've got you covered. Instead of making and serving several different rosé cocktails, set out bottles of rosé and let guests add their own flavors! Prepare a few mix-ins before the party and have guests add a few ingredients to each glass they drink. Some of our favorite things to mix in are sprigs of rosemary, lemon slices, and fresh berries—but the possibilities are endless!

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