The Prettiest Party Punch Bowls

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    Herbal Punch

    Party pretty with this herb-spiked punch bowl. Simply garnish sweet peach lemonade with fresh thyme and lemon slices. No punch bowl? No problem. Serve the drink in a tall trifle dish. 

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    Sherbet Swirl

    Instead of topping your punch with ice, try swirling in chilly scoops of sherbet. This pastel rainbow punch is perfect for kid's birthday parties and baby showers. 

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    Apple Rings

    A sparkling clear punch is perfect for showcasing sweet slices of citrus and green apple. To get the look, slice granny smith apples thin and use a fluted cookie cutter to remove the core. 

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    Chalkboard Label

    Let guests know what they're sipping with chalkboard labels. Attach the labels to your punch bowl with clothespins wrapped in patterned washi tape. 

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    Stacked Fruit

    A tall trifle dish is an easy way to display your prettiest party punches. Simply layer stacks of fresh fruit and fill with fizzy punch. We like a combination of oranges, mint, and raspberries. 

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    Muffin Tin Magic

    Ice, ice, baby. Skip the plain cubes and freeze fruit and mint in muffin tins. Come party time, simply unmold and pop in your punch. 

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    Ruby Red

    No time to make an ice mold? Simply toss in a handful of fresh cranberries and ice. 

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    Nearly Neon

    It's electric! Top white sangria with neon hued fruit and your punch is ready to party. Get the look with thinly sliced lemons, limes, green apples, and grapes. 

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    Guest Garnishes

    Instead of tossing your garnishes in the bowl, let your guests top their drinks with any fruit they like! Simply place sliced fruit and fresh herbs near the punch bowl. A last minute splash of champagne keeps the party going!

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    Cosmo Fruit Punch

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    Sweet Scoops

    Don't water down your punch with ice! Scoops of rainbow sherbet and frozen fruit will keep your bowl cool! We like a trio of citrus (limes, lemons, and kumkuats) and red grapes. 

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    Ruby Red

    Instead of freezing water, pour in your favorite fruit juice! Get the look by freezing it up in a fluted bundt pan. Simply pop and place at party time. 

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    Fresh Fruit

    Showcase the beauty of fresh fruit with three stunning presentations. To get the look, freeze red and white raspberries in an ice ring, layer citrus in an ice ring, and thinly slice star fruit. Top your favorite punch and it's time to unwind.

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    Mint Musts

    Pack your punch bowl with fresh mint and your on your way to juleps for a crowd. Finish the bowl with cherry bourbon and sparkling water. 

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    White Hot

    This bowl packs a punch. Instead of the classic fruit float, try tossing in fresh jalapeno and basil in your next lemonade punch. 

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