The Most Important Party Snacks of All Time

Good friends and great food determine the success of any soirée. Whip up these classic party foods like shrimp cocktail, stuffed peppers, fondue, and deviled eggs -- your guests won't be able to stop hovering around the snack table!

Chicken Meatballs with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

These magnificent meatballs taste like an Italian grandmother made them--but you can have them on the table in under an hour. 

Crudités with Goat Cheese Herb Dip

This savory herbed goat cheese dip goes perfectly with any chopped seasonal veggies: tomatoes, carrots, peppers ...

Hosting is a piece of cake with the help of one pan. Using a bundt pan makes big recipes easy, and looks good, too!

4 Party-Ready Bundt Pan Ideas

A bundt pan is surprisingly versatile. Use the common kitchen tool at your next party to mold shareable snacks and serve appetizers. 

Double-Quick Shrimp Cocktail

Serve this quick shrimp appetizer with two sauces--sour cream with horseradish, chives, and lemon juice, and traditional cocktail sauce. 

Two-Tomato Bruschetta

This bruschetta is reminiscent of the classic Italian caprese salad. Instead of mozzarella, use slightly tangier feta cheese--bonus points if you find it packed with tomato and basil at the supermarket!

Picadillo Poppers

Combine lean ground beef, Mexican rice, green olives, and Monterey Jack cheese to make the filling for these sassy pepper poppers. Serve with lime juice-spiked sour cream.

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Fried Bacon-Wrapped Smokies

Smokies have been a party buffet mainstay for decades. One-up the traditional saucy recipe by wrapping in bacon, frying, and sprinkling with a little brown sugar.

Crunchy Cracker Snack Mix

Cheesy crackers, pretzels, mixed nuts, and wheat crackers make a great base for this snack mix--bake topped with butter and your choice of a cheese-, garlic-, or Italian-flavor dry salad dressing mix for an unforgettable snack. 

Swiss Fondue

The secret to the distinct flavor of Swiss cheese fondue? Dry white wine and sherry.

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Party-Ready Smoky Cheese Balls

These cheese balls call for just five basic ingredients and any topper you like--bacon, pistachios, cranberries, or whatever.

Warm Brie with Fig and Pistachio Tapenade

Serve this warm pistachio-topped Brie alongside apple and pear slices, table crackers, and crusty bread.

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Spinach-Artichoke Dip with Blue Cheese and Bacon

No need to rely on your favorite chain restaurant to provide warm, decadent spinach-artichoke dip. This one comes with crumbles of blue cheese and delicious bacon.

Herb- and Goat Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms

Instead of stuffing your mushrooms with cream cheese, use tangy goat cheese and fresh herbs. They'll disappear faster than you can say "finger food"!

Chile Lime-Grilled Tiger Shrimp with Avocado Cream

No more boring shrimp cocktail! Grill the biggest shrimp you can find and serve with a fresh avocado cream for an unforgettable seafood appetizer.

Roasted Dates with Bacon

Adding bacon to any food exponentially increases the deliciousness. Case in point? These classic bacon-wrapped roasted dates. 

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Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

Prep this buffalo chicken dip in just 15 minutes and watch it get warm and bubbly in your slow cooker. 

Deep-Fried Dill Pickles

This fair food favorite isn't difficult to re-create at home! A cornmeal batter helps keep these fried pickles under 200 calories. 

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Cute Deviled Egg Toppers

These egg toppers are spicy, salty, fresh, peppery, and tangy--there's a deviled egg idea for everyone.

Pepperoni Pizza Cups

Less than 10 ingredients and endless customization options make these ultra-portable pizza cups a party food no-brainer. 

Meatball Sliders

Combine two party food favorites with these saucy meatball sliders. Make the meatballs in your slow cooker the day of the party, and serve on cocktail buns with slices of tomato and provolone. 

Pigs in a Blanket

Kids and adults alike will go hog-wild for this classic pigs-in-a-blanket snack. Kick up the spice by using andouille sausage instead of hot dogs. 

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