Spruce up basic balloons with some paint, pom-poms, and confetti. Your guests will love them!

It's time to party! If you've only got a few regular balloons laying around, we've got you covered. You can make a painted balloon, a balloon filled with confetti, and a cute cactus balloon using a few inexpensive craft supplies. Bust out the paint and double-sided tape and you're well on your way to adorable décor. You could even try making these balloons as a fun party activity to do with your guests!

What You'll Need

For the painted balloon: 

  • Paint (we used gold)
  • Balloons
  • Paintbrush

For the confetti balloon:

  • Circle confetti
  • Hole punch (if making your own)
  • Clear balloons

For the cactus balloon:

  • Double sided tape or tape dots
  • Permanent marker
  • Pom-poms (we used pink)
  • Green balloons  

Painted Balloon

Blow up the balloon first, then use paint and a paintbrush to gently swipe on abstract swipes of color. Use gold paint for an easy way to add sparkle to ordinary balloons. You can use any color scheme, but we think gold + pink make a pretty combination!

Confetti-Filled Balloon

You'll need round confetti for this project, which you can purchase or make yourself. If you go the DIY route, use a hole punch to cut out circles (or other shapes!) from tissue paper, colorful construction paper, or old magazines. Fold the circles in half and push into a deflated clear balloon. You could also use a funnel placed inside the mouth of the balloon if you're having trouble getting the confetti to stay put. Inflate and shake for an instant boost of festivity!

Cactus Balloon

This cheery cactus won't hurt any guests! Make the cactus balloon by blowing up a green balloon, then using permanent marker to draw various checkmarks and V-shaped lines on the surface for spines. Attach pink pom pom "flowers" in clusters around the balloon with double-sided tape.

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