10 Reasons We're Obsessed with Picnicking

Whether it's at a park, a beach, or right in your backyard, roll out your picnic blanket and have a seat—it's time to get your alfresco on. Not convinced by fresh air and food alone? These 10 reasons we love picnics will have you planning your next picnic, stat.

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    The Picnic Blankets

    Be like Lovely Indeed—stand out in a sea of quilts with an embroidered picnic blanket. No need to buy new, just stitch your favorite phrase onto a blanket you already have. We love how bright and fun this custom project can be!

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    The Perfect Picnic Food

    Some foods are just made for summer picnics—like a delicious chicken salad sandwich. This simple dish is easy to transport to a picnic; fill your basket with rolls or sliced bread and a large, chilled bowl of chicken salad. Don't forget the silverware so picnic-goers can help themselves to a sandwich! 

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    The Picnic Baskets

    Why buy a fancy-schmancy picnic basket when you can build one of your own? Lovely Indeed shows us how to transform a plain wicker basket into the perfect picnic accessory. All you need is colorful elastic, glue, and a bit of Parisian inspiration; the French are picnic pros, after all.

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    The Cheese Boards

    The coolest thing since sliced bread? A selection of cheeses for topping it, of course! Fill up on favorites like Brie, cheddar, and Gruyere. If you really want to get jazzy, add some meat and fruit to your tray. No-mess finger foods like bread, cheese and fruit are perfect for picnics. Pack small containers of cheeses, fruits and bread or crackers, and toss them in the picnic basket with the board. When you arrive at your picnic location, all you have to do is unpack!

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    The Quality Time

    Picnicking is typically all about the food, but we also love spending time with the people we take on the picnic. Having a picnic is a great way to get outdoors with a few friends and just enjoy the time together. Rather than meeting up for a hurried lunch at a busy restaurant, grab a few pals and head to a park for an hour or two of relaxed conversation over food and drink.

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    The Finger Foods

    The best foods to pack in your picnic basket are things that are easy to eat and require minimal setup once you arrive at your picnic location. Premade sandwiches are a great option–and they don't have to be boring! Ditch the plain old peanut butter and jelly and go for a delicious grilled veggie sandwich.

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    The Foods-in-a-Cup

    Because we can't bring our china everywhere. The Chic Site gets extra creative by filling plastic to-go cups with salads, snacks, and more. Pop a fork in the lid for convenient toting. 

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    The Treats

    Whether it's brownies, bars, or pies, no picnic is complete without a sweet treat. Pack individually-wrapped cookies (they travel better than most desserts) and stick a few cartons of milk in your picnic basket, too. 

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    The Themes

    While you certainly don't need an excuse to have a picnic, decorating for an outdoor holiday gathering can be fun. Invite family and friends to a backyard picnic adorned with balloons, streamers, and themed food. 

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    The Mini Mason Jar Treats

    Mason jars are one of the easiest ways to transport picnic food, especially treats that aren't good finger foods. We love the idea of this adorable mini pie, which is baked right inside a small jar! Pop a lid on each jar after these tiny treats are baked and cooled, and add them to the picnic basket with a few forks or spoons! Bonus points if you include a jar of whipped cream to share! 

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    The Picnic Decor

    We're obsessed with these adorable picnic trays, complete with individual place settings and colorful napkins. To recreate the look, grab a set of plain serving trays and adorn each with everything guests will need to enjoy their food. 

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    The Fresh Air

    There's nothing better than enjoying some fresh air on a warm day—especially if there is food involved! A relaxing picnic doesn't have to be a big planned event; fill a basket with a few favorite treats, grab a friend, and head outside. 

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    The Plaid

    It's no secret we love plaid. (The New Cook Book, anyone?) It's classic, inviting, and screams summer spread. A picnic without it would just be wrong. 

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    The Views

    Why wait in line for a patio table at a restaurant when you could be eating your favorite foods outside right now? Not to mention picnics are a breath of fresh air from your normal routine—literally. For the most relaxing picnic, choose a pretty spot on a warm day. If you're more comfortable sitting at a table instead of on a picnic blanket, choose a local park that has a few picnic tables

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