Throw a Puppy Picnic

Puppy Party
Show your furry friends some love with a festive outdoor party, complete with homemade dog treats and plenty of playtime. Plus, get DIY decor ideas and easy party recipes. It's time to celebrate man's best friend.

Wipe Your Paws Rug

Create a puppy-ready splash pad with this adorable outdoor rug. 

To make, lay out letter stencils on an outdoor rug. Tape the first letter to rug with painters tape. Use a stipple brush to dab paint onto rug. Repeat with remaining letters; remove stencils and let dry according to manufacturer's instructions. Touch up any letters with paint and stipple brush; let dry.

The Setup

Fill your backyard with pooch-approved activities. A few musts: a puppy pool, watering hole, and toys. 

Create the watering hole by covering a low table or fire pit with a tabletop and oilcloth. 

Bestie Photo Booth

You're looking at a fun and easy summer party activity! Inexpensive burlap makes a neutral photo booth backdrop, perfect for showcasing furry friends. Create a simple showcase box with decorative molding cut and glued into a 3-foot box. 

Photo Booth Props

Sit and smile! A basket of photo-ready props is the perfect way to start pet-owner glamour shots. Try handwritten notes attached to paint sticks, bandannas, hats, and sunglasses.

Donate for Dogs

Party for a cause. Have guests bring donations for your local animal shelter. Most animal shelter websites list helpful donation items, but pet food, old towels and blankets, paper towels, and toys are always welcome.

Puppy Pool

A kid-size pool is the perfect centerpiece for your pet party. Toss in a few toys and prepare for a parade of happy dogs. 

K-9 Bunting

Create a colorful backdrop with leftover fabric and our free puppy pattern. 

To make, cut twine to desired banner length. Cut a triangle template from cardboard (ours is 8x8x5 inches.) Trace template onto fabric, folding, if desired, to cut more than one triangle at a time; repeat for desired number of triangles. Use shears to cut out fabric triangles. Spray triangles with quilters starch; iron flat, folding and pressing 1/2- to 1-inch flap across 5-inch side of each triangle (to make them easier to attach to twine). Use a hot-glue gun to adhere 5-inch side of triangle to twine, folding flap over twine. Press to seal and repeat. Add dog silhouettes between triangles. Get the pattern here. 

Doggone Cute Bandannas

Party time calls for a special outfit. Dress up your dog in our adorable bandanna. 

To make, cut triangles from cotton jersey fabric or an old T-shirt. You'll need a variety of sizes, depending on the sizes of the dogs. Use fabric paint markers to decorate bandannas with party guest's names, bone silhouettes, etc. 

Paw-ty Food

Transform a picnic table into a treat buffet. Divide the table into human and pet treats by simply drawing a line on kraft paper. Include a centerpiece of tennis balls and take-home treat bags.

Peanut Butter Pup Treats

These pawsome treats start with honey, oats, and peanut butter. Spread them with creamy peanut butter for even more puppy love. 

Nutty Squash Dog Treats

Your dog deserves a cookie. Peanut butter and butternut squash mean they're healthy-ish. 

Tip: Turn these into a people-pleasing treat! Top each with peanut butter and a drizzle of honey, or try slathering them with chocolate-hazelnut spread. 


Spiced Pumpkin Snaps

A whole bunch of good-for-your-pooch ingredients mean these treats are extra healthy. A touch of honey and cinnamon mean they're extra delicious. 

Candy Bark

This bark has no bite. Just lots of sweet chocolate and candy. Keep it away from the pups and give it as a delicious party favor in a fun take-home treat bag. 

Tennis Ball Treats

These humans-only cookies get big flavor from a double dose of almonds. Use Royal Icing to decorate them like pup-approved tennis balls. 

Sweet and Salty Snack Mix

This snack mix is an addicting mix of salty and sweet. Balance chocolate and powdered sugar with salty pretzels and nuts. 

DIY Drink Station

Repurpose an old nightstand as a beverage station. Drawers store outdoor-friendly glassware and ready to-pour-over-ice drinks away from puppy paws.

Puppy Patrol

Invite your friends, neighbors, and dog park pals -- just make sure owners are available for wrangling any potential pup squabbles. 

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