Throw the best pool party this summer with this fun inspiration.

It's time to make a splash this summer! Host your very own pool party to beat the heat. It doesn't matter if your pool is above ground or below ground, we've gathered tons of fun ideas to make your party pop. Whether you're entertaining adults or children, these pool party ideas will be a hit. Try whipping up a platter of fresh veggie skewers or set up a build-your-own mimosa cart. Your guests will want to dive into these festive summer party ideas.

two women near pool with mixed drinks
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Read on for our best summer pool party ideas from poolside treats to DIY decor. Finish your pool party with a homemade cocktail and ice cream sundae bar.

food table with grass skirt white cart
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Themed Party

Have a theme! Whether it's a color scheme or one of our favorites like a luau-themed party—let your imagination run wild. Use bright summer colors to help tie everything together. 

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Outdoor Picnic

Take your picnic beyond the basket! Lay down a cute rug or outdoor blanket. Add throw pillows, candles, flowers, and other cute decor items to help create the pool party atmosphere. 

snack boats stuffed with almonds
Credit: Jason Donnelly

DIY Snack Boats

Break out your origami skill and get crafty. These DIY snack boats will add the perfect touch to your pool party. Fill with fun snacks like nuts, candy, dried fruit, or popcorn.

mimosas banner on serving cart at poolside
Credit: Adam Albright

Drink Cart

Stay hydrated pool side with a drink cart. Dress up a simple utility cart with a purchased banner and fresh flowers to make your beverages mobile. Mix up a range of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drink pitchers on top. Keep utensils, cups, and ice on the second level for easy access. 

kids playing disc tic-tac-toe outdoors
Credit: Kinzie Riehm

Yard Games

Need a break from the water or the lounger? Get your guests off their feet for some oversized yard games. Get creative and play tic tac toe with frisbees by taping out a grid on a large sheet. 

pink sunglasses with script on rattan table
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Surprise your guests with sunglasses! Use them as a fun party favor that guests can slip on to help block the bright sun.

pool with bright inner tubes and balloons
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Fun Floaties

What pool party would be complete without oversized, dazzling pool floats. If your party has a theme, pick floaties to match like swans, flamingoes, unicorns, or food shaped ones. 

watermelon inner tube with fruit-infused bottles
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Inner Tube Cooler

Your drinks will be pool proof if you turn an inner tube into a cooler. Set a bucket in the center. The bucket has to be bigger than the inner hole of floatie so it doesn't fall through. 

various vegetable kabob skewers
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Veggie Tray

Fresh in season veggies will shine on the snack table. Add them on a skewer in a color gradient to make them look like a rainbow. Place them on a fun party platter so guests have easy access to nibble. 

Cucumber Limeade

Drink Pitchers

Honey, cucumbers, and limes work together to create a rejuvenating drink. Whip up enough to fill a pitcher to refresh all your guests. 

Recipe: Cucumber Limeade

string lights hanging on patio at dusk
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String Lights

Make your party twinkle! Add some special string lights around your house or backyard for a sweet glow. Once the sun starts to set, your pool party will look magical.

blindfolded girl swinging bat at hung water balloons
Credit: Gretchen Easton

Water Balloons

Break out the water balloons. It doesn't matter how old your guests are—they'll love throwing them at one another. For a fun twist, tie them to a clothes line and use them like mini piñatas. 

smores treat boxes
Credit: David Tsay

S'more Cups

A staple of summertime, s'mores are a must have. Skip the mess and put together little s'more cups out of recycled berry containers. Place a napkin at the bottom of each to help with sticky fingers and melted chocolate. 

grilling veggies on a gas grill
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Grill Out

Avoid making a mess in the kitchen by grilling up something tasty. Grill up some hotdog, hamburgers, and kabobs for an easy variety. For a more complex meal, try ribs or barbequed chicken.

Recipe: Tamarind BBQ Chicken

outdoor ice cream bar
Credit: Buff Strickland

Sundae Bar

Cool off from the summer heat with a sundae bar. These sweet treats will be huge crowd pleasers. Stock up on your favorite toppings and flavors for tons of yummy combinations. 

white poolside table with snacks hat sunglasses
Credit: Adam Albright

Pops of Color

For the ultimate pool party, add bright summer accent colors and decorations. From outdoor pillows to balloons—make your outdoor space pop with pinks, yellows, blues, and greens. 

Beach Party Cupcakes

Themed Cupcakes

Make your pool bash extra special with themed cupcakes. For these beach inspired treats, crush up graham crackers to use as sand. Create super easy waves on part of the cupcakes with store bought gel icing.

pool party favors
Credit: Carson Downing

Thank You Tags

Gratitude is priceless. Thank your guests with adorable DIY tags you can attach to goggles, pool toys, or snack baggies. 


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